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Shopping in Lanzarote

Shopping, Arrecife

In Lanzarote, you can buy watches, tobacco, alcohol, sunglasses, walkmans - electrical equipment in general -, souvenirs and gifts at a good price.

In Arrecife, in the streets, Leon y Castillo and Real, you will find bazaars and shops with electrical goods, watches of all makes and styles, ceramics, tableware, lace, books about Lanzarote, wines from La Geria, cheese, typical products...and clothes shops, lace shops, record shops, amongst others. It is the shopping street par excellence.

Shopping, Puerto del Carmen

In Puerto del Carmen you will find all along the strip those kind of souvenirs that we tend to buy on holiday. Puerto del Carmen also has numerous surfing shops and beach shops.

In Costa Teguise, in the shopping arcade, Las Cucharas, you can buy towels, bathing costumes, sun glasses, backpacks, amongst other things. Every afternoon, in the plaza of the area known as Pueblo Marinero of Costa Teguise, there is a mini market of all types of objects and jewellery, hand-made by the sellers.

You can also find craftwork in Mozaga, in El Monumento al Campesino, where there is also a well-known restaurant and a crafts shop with tableware, lace and embroidery.

Every Sunday, there is a market in the centre of La Villa de Teguise. Numerous stalls full of dolls, cassettes, necklaces, bracelets...fill the streets of what was the old capital of Lanzarote. Here you will find typical craftwork.

In Teguise, there are also cheese makers, like El Faro, where they sell fresh, cured and semi-cured cheese.

If you are looking for shopping arcades, in the centre of Arrecife is the Spinola shopping arcade. If you go to the north of the island, leaving Arrecife towards Tahiche, are El Hiper and El Shopping Centre. If, on the other hand, you head south to Playa Honda, you will find El Megacentro and the shopping arcade, Deiland, where there are a wide variety of shops.

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