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Videos of Lanzarote - Jameos del Agua

Los Jameos del Agua - like La Cueva de Los Verdes - was formed by the lava flow from the eruption of the volcano de La Corona, which advanced while the surface solidified.

The entrance is the so-called 'jameo chico'. It has been turned into a bar-restaurant, access to which is gained by a stone stairway. It communicates with the 'jameo grande' by a pathway of 100 metres in length and 13 metres wide that crosses the small lake that is home to the 'jameito', tiny blind albino crabs that are unique to Lanzarote.

The 'jameo grande' has been turned into a beautiful garden of tropical plant species centred around a vibrant, turquoise-coloured pool. At the end of this 'jameo', an auditorium of 600 seats has been built which possesses excellent acoustics. It is the venue for concerts and spectacles like the prestigious Festival of Visual Music of Lanzarote.