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Opinions, questions and advice about accommodation, tourism, leisure and anything you may need in Lanzarote. 
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Hyde Park Appartments dermot28  07/13/2006 07:01PM 
Last Post by Elle1971
bars and beer    Pages: 1 2 30  deano  07/11/2006 08:23PM 
Last Post by frankmac
walks in Lanzarote softail1  07/11/2006 02:27PM 
Last Post by blancanieves
Las Palmeras II Apartments billyt  07/10/2006 02:49PM 
Last Post by annmoo
Cashing Travellers Cheques (Sterling) in Puerto Del Carmen Kaybee  07/10/2006 12:59PM 
Last Post by Will
Guess what... you need me! Elle1971  07/08/2006 01:42AM 
Last Post by Elle1971
Anybody know how to go about living and working out there? 19  Holly - Birmingham  07/06/2006 06:10PM 
Last Post by panther
playa blanca vs pdc    Pages: 1 2 26  annmoo  07/06/2006 11:50AM 
Last Post by seamermate
Have they cleared Playa Flamingo Beach yet? chellie  07/05/2006 05:34PM 
Last Post by chellie
sunday lunch    Pages: 1 2 23  muzzisben  06/30/2006 03:07PM 
Last Post by Celtygirl
Restaurants    Pages: 1 2 33  Sheelah  06/29/2006 11:46PM 
Last Post by bluemoonsteve
Las Colinas aparthotel m128pdp  06/27/2006 08:58AM 
Last Post by m128pdp
amena sim cards muzzisben  06/23/2006 01:17AM 
Last Post by biffa
Xmas day in pdc gallant youth  06/22/2006 08:21PM 
Last Post by Celtygirl
I'm Back Jaycee  06/21/2006 09:23AM 
Last Post by Celtygirl
Jable Bermudas Apartments 14  Jo  06/15/2006 06:04PM 
Last Post by annmoo
Calle Benidom Kaybee  06/14/2006 12:27AM 
Last Post by Simon H
teguisol muzzisben  06/12/2006 07:27PM 
Last Post by muzzisben
where to watch football in Costa Teguise cazza  06/09/2006 11:54AM 
Last Post by bernadette
ask me anything    Pages: 1 ... 4 5 6 113  jade  06/08/2006 12:42AM 
Last Post by annmoo
Gym in PDC 10  craigken2003  06/06/2006 06:02PM 
Last Post by Lynne
Villa Castillo (James Villa) YOUNGMML  06/01/2006 11:52PM 
Last Post by Simon H
places to go for a good night out in carmen    Pages: 1 2 21  jeremy1973  06/01/2006 02:15PM 
Last Post by Beachboy
teguisol, CT muzzisben  05/31/2006 07:50PM 
Last Post by muzzisben
3g/GPRS 17  jdennis79  05/29/2006 06:26PM 
Last Post by Angie
Young scotty  05/28/2006 06:20PM 
Last Post by scotty
Yo scotty  05/28/2006 06:20PM 
Last Post by scotty
la goleta, PB marco971  05/23/2006 03:13PM 
Last Post by marco971
costa teguise muzzisben  05/23/2006 10:38AM 
Last Post by muzzisben
Please help me find bar work in PDC Jo 116  05/23/2006 12:26AM 
Last Post by Jo 116
Car Hire...Sorry!    Pages: 1 2 35  gary2312  05/22/2006 03:08PM 
Last Post by Will
exchange rate muzzisben  05/20/2006 10:43AM 
Last Post by Simon H
plaza palmeras apartments jeremy1973  05/18/2006 10:11PM 
Last Post by boab
Puerto Tehiche Aparthotel dgl8  05/18/2006 09:11PM 
Last Post by dgl8
Lanzarote Bay Apartments ema2305  05/16/2006 07:49PM 
Last Post by ema2305
karaoke bar for sale sdawe9  05/16/2006 10:48AM 
Last Post by sdawe9
hello 11  jeremy1973  05/14/2006 02:56PM 
Last Post by AlanB
Las Terrazas Venus11  05/13/2006 01:13PM 
Last Post by Venus11
Long winter let geejaybee  05/12/2006 06:05PM 
Last Post by geejaybee
forum B( jeremy1973  05/12/2006 03:55PM 
Last Post by jeremy1973
B( B( B( B( jeremy1973  05/11/2006 06:10PM 
Last Post by jeremy1973
Taxis Lisa57  05/09/2006 10:56PM 
Last Post by Lisa57
Playa Blanca is so behind the times ... Stig2k  05/09/2006 08:43PM 
Last Post by Stig2k
Estate Agent Recommendation in PDC can anyone help doodle  05/09/2006 01:50PM 
Last Post by dfrankli15
any one fancy a chat!!! jeremy1973  05/06/2006 11:46PM 
Last Post by jeremy1973
Redz Bar - PDC Lisa57  05/06/2006 04:41PM 
Last Post by Lisa57
las terrazas apartments 14  andy  05/06/2006 11:42AM 
Last Post by amanda247
Sol Apartments molly  05/05/2006 01:54PM 
Last Post by Angie
any 1 out there? twinny  05/05/2006 09:39AM 
Last Post by JaneH
This is fun!! Will  05/04/2006 11:09AM 
Last Post by Celtygirl
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