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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: jc ()
Date: February 03, 2004 01:27PM

Hello Jen,

In my opinion CT is nothing like Puerto Rico - much less brash and more laid back. It is the only resort that we go back to time and again. Re. Oasislanz - a friend of mine is just back from there and she was more than happy with the accommodation. You can also find reviews of the accommodation(the majority glowing) on

As for swimming etc. there is a water park a short distance away but I am not sure whether it is open at this time of year - the pools and the sea are usually bloody cold (after all it is winter) even though the weather may be good. As I am sure you have read CT is v.windy and can be quite cold at night so make sure you have sufficient woolies, sweat shirts and/or jackets for the evening.

I am sure you will have a great time ( I'm back again for a week in March - can't wait!

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Allan ()
Date: February 04, 2004 02:08AM

Hello lanzfan )and all others

I felt I had to reply again (after all 24 hits on one subject can't be bad).

Re : Sunset Holidays catering for the british working classs!

I come from a working class background and I as result I have respect for others and there opinions. I was brought up (naively) with good manners and to expect others to have the same.

When you book a holiday with any company your expectations are usually high. I would advise anyone who has any respect or manners to expect or receive good service and nice people as fellow holiday makers, to avoid the Paradise Club.

A holiday embraces many aspects. The pleasure of laying on a sun bed , relaxing by the pool was denied to us (would you lay down and sun bathe in the middle of football field with the ball bouncing off your head and sunbed)? It would be beyond recognition of certain holiday makers to reign their kids in(purely out of respect of course). The management did not care either.

The point I am making is do not know what your hotel or destination is truly like until you get there. The Sunset rep was mostly interested in everyone joining in a "down in one night" to get paraletic....and to mark his departure questionaire as "excellent." (We never did get one of those!)

I have travelled to many holiday destinations ,Majorca, Minorca,Mainland Spain,Tenerife, Gran Canaria,Cyprus, Crete, Rhodes,Corfu, Yugoslavia(formerly), and I have to say this was my most dissapointing holiday.

Rachel and I eventually escaped to the beach areas, plenty of bars and pleasant place to stroll around. We had the Sun on our backs in December, which what we came for. there were no drunks around and every one was pleasant...(The drunks stayed around the Paradise Club in the Volcana Pub...!)

The gardens were full of cacti and bouganvillaea. The sunsets were a spectacle. we took several routes walking our 4 kilometres a day, and this was most enjoyable.

But was not cheap......the locals state the Tenerife and Grand Canaria have not suffered the inflation that Lanzarote has.

Having been to Cyprus... it was a lower cost of living and......and you actually can buy a variety of fresh vegetables, fish , poulty and meat.

PS my friend Rachel is a vegetarian to...!

Adios mi amigos

Algo mas?

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: andy ()
Date: February 06, 2004 08:18PM

just returned from playa blanca,had a great time and can,t wait to go back again.
As for the euro we believe the price of food, goods, etc are very much leveling out, one typical night for us, Two big prawn cocktails, a big beautiful fillet steak cooked to perfection, one very big and tasty steak diane, kiddies steak chips and salad, three large beers one bottle of wine, two coke,s , one coffee , and one very large brandy, came to around £35
which we did,nt think was bad, the service and quality was very good,we could of eaten cheaper but hey why wait months and skimp.
Hire a car is the best way to see the island, the roads are very good and not that busy, go to famara and try the fish of the day at casa ramons, brilliant. Just driving around and finding place,s is really good fun, papagayo beaches are really good,clean not to crowded and some are nudist which is good !. I think anyone who goes to lanzarote will like it,p del carmen is very brash and loud but is still ok ,and does,nt really do the island justice,but there,s plenty to do and see.
The best thing to do is find your own apartment or villas, flights, and car hire, a lot cheaper, hope this was a help,dinner,s ready BYE.

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Mellisa ()
Date: February 09, 2004 04:05PM

Hi I didnt find it expensive at all when i went to Costa Teguise and that was 2 years ago in April!! Taxi's are very cheap, food is too. Nice restaurant in the square in CT called La Pescadore (fish restaurant). Excellent service and 2 course meal with plenty of wine cost us about £20 or less each!!! You cant get cheaper than that and all very fresh. Bus to Puerto Del Carmen about 2 euros each (and it is about a 30 minute bus ride). Probably found the English bars more expensive (only a smidge) but they did supply entertainment and happy hours (eg Sunburnt Arms). People moan for the sake of moaning and should do their research before they book. Check out any number of sites [] or [] and check out peoples thoughts on there!!! That is your best bet. Anywhere is cheaper than the UK lets face it. There are quite a few expats in CT when we were there (went in the Red Lion i think it was) they all seemed to be happy and enjoying living there!!. You have nothing to worry about as far as prices are concerned. I am going to Playa Blanca in March and cant wait. Have read reviews already and havnt a problem with any of it (seems pretty cheap etc to me).

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Vicky ()
Date: February 11, 2004 05:21PM

Well what do you expect staying in Costa Teguise, one of the oldest and most basic of the resorts in the island YUCK. I live here and I hate costa teguise. You should try Playa Blanca, Puerto Del Carmen or Matagorda, Arrieta anywhere else but there.
And why not if things were that bad, get moved to another apartment. Dont put up with it. Failing that go to Florida last minute, probably will be cheaper!!

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Paul ()
Date: February 14, 2004 12:13PM

My wife and I have recently had a week in Lanzarote (mid Jan) the weather was good the apartments (Los Pueblos in PDC) were clean and reasonably comfortable we went on a real cheapy 'accomodation alocated on arrival' so we had no high expectations. However it was well with in our hopes even had a heated outdoor pool with good loungers. However we really love Playa Blanca and went several times the sea was just o.k for swimming, we were last there 5 years ago and was a good place then. It is now very good, a lot of further development but does not impose on a really nice town/village centre.As far as costs are concerned the rule of thumb seemed to be that what costs £1 in UK costs about 1euro there, so that is fine. I would not say it is markedly more expensive than Mainland Spain and possibly a bit cheaper than the Balearics - but considerably warmer for winter!!. So I will definitely be going back a.s.a.p. As far as Costa Teguise is concerned it is O.K but not for me, not particularly good beaches and very little character - but if you like plenty of Brit Bars, Sat T.V then its for you.

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: karen ()
Date: February 15, 2004 11:54AM

i am very shocked that people seem to be listening to the views of what seems to be one very misguided person who knows nothing of the delights beauty culture history etc etc of lanzarote to all those people who have started to have worries about holidays please ignore someone who goes on and on about spam i havetraveled to portugal ibiza greece mainlandspain inc cities etc i always look for culture goodfood etc p d carmen is so mixed something for everyone i have fallen in love with the old town /port so much so that we have just purchased a 1 bed apartement in a lovely little spanish street surrounded by beauty and easy walks to the beach you can get anywhere on the island by bus or very cheap taxis carhire you can even travel by sea and look out for dolphins flying fish etc

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Kate ()
Date: February 15, 2004 02:24PM

Dear Deb

I was glad to read your reply to rip off! We have recently returned from our third visit to Costa teguise with the children and we loved it so much that we are contemplating moving out there, the weather is fantastic, the resort is ideal for us and the people we met were all A1.

Can I ask you for some advice about moving out, currently in N. Ireland and hubby is a chef, would he have any problems getting a job do you think?

I hope you don't think me forward but we would appreciate any advice or help from someone who has gone before.

Thank you

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: brian ()
Date: February 18, 2004 06:49AM

hi vicky,
mayb over at end of month,any info on SAN MARCIAL APTS,URBANIZACION MATAGORDA.

cheers brian

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: tj ()
Date: February 18, 2004 09:50PM

Hi Rachel,
Tut, tut, tut. A very negative opinion of your holiday in Costa Teguise - in fact enough bad tat to put anyone off Lanzarote for life. I suggest that you & your partner Tarquin (sorry Allan) might be wiser staying at the Buckingham Palace Apartments next time, tucking in to a lovely Soya Bean Nut Roast. But seriously, I reckon you need a nice piece of steak inside you which might get the grey matter thinking a bit more positively!

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Allan ()
Date: February 19, 2004 04:46PM

Hi tj

Actually I love a good steak...providing it is organic ! Soya been roasts are much prefered to hambugers(spam spam). Pray tell me where do buy good meat in CT?

By eating GOOD food we will keep our grey matter longer and I think that that is a positive statement.

We thought we had done our research on Lanzarote before we went. It would appear that there are more good/bad comments based on our comments than any other. If other parties had put there pos/neg comments here prior to our booking it we would have had a more informed choice. in many ways you pays your money and you take your choice.

The guide books state that you can bus around the island (just like Tenerife) you can't
The guide books state, "a quiet relaxing place for familes."..providing the families are decent...otherwise forget it. Take ear plugs and tin hat.
Excellent value excursions @£37 pp for a round trip of 15 miles.... a rip off surely not!.........
Food is cheap,buying one fresh pepper for £1.20.....very cheap....
.... I must have eaten to many organic sirloin steaks . Or perhaps all holiday makers want to eat junk food, behave badly and get paraletic every night, behave unsociably and close there eyes to whats going around them.

"Allan the Informer" friend of the Lanzarote "Spam Witch"

ps to all others...we are sure you will all enjoy Lanzarote

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: tj ()
Date: February 19, 2004 10:17PM

Hi Allan,
There are many well informed internet sites on Lanzarote & other places, so obviously you did not do your homework! But more importantly, the fact is that you pays your money & you takes your choice. You don't have to go on expensive trips, you don't have to buy expensive food, so at the end of the day the holiday is what YOU make it! I am sure that there are lots of things to do which suit a wide variety of people so why be negative about it?

ps - Please tell Rachel that the next time she slags the 'Working Class' off not to forget that the the priveliges & good living & working conditions that she enjoys were brought about by these very same people.

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Allan ()
Date: February 20, 2004 12:58AM

Hi tj

Allan of nut roast fame here.

Fact.. 3 peppers imported into the uk cost £1.25 to £1.40 (source tesco etc)
Fact... 1 pepper purchased in TC £1.30 x 3 = £3.90

An example of the cost of one of the "cheapest" of food items available!

Being working class and proud of it does not make us ill mannered and disrepectful of other holidaymakers whatever background or culture they come from. Having to holiday in an hotel with a minority of several ignorant families was not an ideal situtation.

tj You are an excellent champion for lanzarote


ps we tried booking for buck house, but we understand the queen sends out for hamburgers and southern fried chicken, I 'm told it reminds her of Lanzarote......!

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Julie ()
Date: February 20, 2004 05:45PM

Hi Deb,

It was good to read your e-mail, we are going to Costa Teguise the end of March. I have never been abroad before but my husband has, we also have a 3 year old daughter.

Is it really cold in the evening, and warm during the day?

We chose CT as it is quite and for my first trip abroad I did not want anywhere to loud.

Is there a big water park with water shoots and pools in Costa Teguise?

How long have you lived out there? And where is your bar/rest.? Must pay you a visit....


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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: tj ()
Date: February 20, 2004 08:27PM

Hi Allan & Rachel,
To wrap up this topic finally, yes there are ignorant yobs & louts out there but these people only belong in one category - MORONS. It would help us all if every government in the world would ban them from travelling abroad so that we could all enjoy our holidays in peace. Happy days everybody.
Regards, tj

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: AD ()
Date: February 21, 2004 12:35AM

This is the first time I have read this site and I cannot stop laughing!!....The Spam Witch and Allan The Informer should be on quality comedy duo!

Rachael made some valid comments on her first posting - cigarettes and filth being left in her apartment is disgusting, two cooker rings is not ample for a budding Jamie Oliver, and a pool area is there for everyone's enjoyment, not just football mad infants hell bent on disturbing your long awaited relaxing holiday. That said, there was a microwave - what's wrong with Captain Birds Eye's ready made chicken tikka masala from the local Spar?

Personally, My family and I visited Costa Teguise in 2000 and found it to be a nice, family orientated place and thoroughly enjoyed our stay. In fact, we plan to return there soon.

Rachael and Allan - May I suggest that should you choose to give this island another try, you compliment your spam and chips with a touch of brown sauce - I'm sure you'll agree that it tastes much better.

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Rachel ()
Date: February 21, 2004 09:26AM

Hi AD, when I read your opening lines I was going to ask you to marry me, then as I read on,I changed my mind. Captain Birds Eye indeed! I will be sorely tempted to put one of my serious 'spam spells' on you if I hear any more of that dirty talk!! As for ketchup, well, really - don't you know I taught auntie Delia all she knows? Only if it was a real choice between dying and living would I contemplate eating a ready meal. My body is a temple, not a doss-house! We witches have to lead clean living lives you know. Research has shown that being weighted down with e-numbers and other toxic chemicals can seriously affect take off on the broomstick. Ask Granny Weatherwax, she knows about this.
So, everyday, I always make a point of eating from the major food groups i.e. CHOCOLATE, ALCOHOL & NICOTINE . Just joking!
Tata, must fly...... Rachel x

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Archie ()
Date: February 22, 2004 12:05PM

Just back from lanzarote third time there in three years just brill. Ok stayed in P Del Carmen weather good, Apartments good cleaned every day( ATALYA APARTMENTS)

Now to you > If it was not for the working class this lovely island as with the rest of the canaries would not survive if it was left to be populated with the likes of you. you comment on the poor feeding such as spam ! Wait a minute are you one of those upper class people who exploit the good people of the working class and use their sweat and toil to fund your excursions abroad and stay in luxury
Rachel wrote:

> Hi AD, when I read your opening lines I was going to ask you to
> marry me, then as I read on,I changed my mind. Captain Birds
> Eye indeed! I will be sorely tempted to put one of my serious
> 'spam spells' on you if I hear any more of that dirty talk!! As
> for ketchup, well, really - don't you know I taught auntie
> Delia all she knows? Only if it was a real choice between dying
> and living would I contemplate eating a ready meal. My body is
> a temple, not a doss-house! We witches have to lead clean
> living lives you know. Research has shown that being weighted
> down with e-numbers and other toxic chemicals can seriously
> affect take off on the broomstick. Ask Granny Weatherwax, she
> knows about this.
> So, everyday, I always make a point of eating from the major
> food groups i.e. CHOCOLATE, ALCOHOL & NICOTINE . Just joking!
> Tata, must fly...... Rachel x

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Date: February 22, 2004 02:10PM

SPAMQUEST the final frontier

Episode 1

The Calling

The Spam Witch awoke suddenly. Somewhere in her consciousness a calling had taken place.”not again to that place” she thought. Ruefully rubbing her knee remembering how the volcanic surface scraped her knees on her last touch down. The dream came back…..

Hart Bypars appeared…..”You’re are going back to Spamworld. You have to save them!

“Now look” said the Spam Witch” It’s not my problem if they want to stuff their bodies with hydrogenated fats, and how can they help it when every place offers the high calorie, high carbo fat sodden menus. You know I call them Spam joints. They do have Tapas bars and some good restaurants but they pale into insignificance jostling alongside the spam joints.”

“Now look here” said Hart Bypars “You are their only chance. This is still a beautiful island but Lanzarote is becoming known as Spamworld. The Great Wizard has ordered you to go back. Its too late for the other islands but your skills have never been needed more”

“You must go back to Spamcity. The only chance for the Spamlanders is go in and do anything to stop people overdosing on Spam. You can do it, I have every faith in you.”

“We have booked you on a Spam-Air No Thrills Broomstick flight. As you know you cannot land at Spam City airport, but we have arranged for you and Allan The Informer to land at The Paradise Club in what was the old Costa Teguise.

“Oh no!” said the Spam Witch. I scraped my knees last time and Allan fell off the broomstick into the Aqua Park. He blamed me for F.U.I. (Flying Under the Influence) & the Paradise club is not aptly named.

“Well “said Hart Bypars ” You will need all the influence you can muster for this operation. As the senior field operative of S.P.A.M.A ( Saviours & Protection Agency for Mankind’s Arteries), you and Allan have to stamp out the Artcloggs (Artery Cloggers) once and for all. With the diets of hydrogentated fat increasing and lack of dietary knowledge by almost everyone it will be trial of spiritual will over the evil menace that is prevalent on the planet. Once the Artcloggs take over, the planet is doomed.”

Rachel felt faint. The thought of returning to that place held her in fear. The Spamnet Forum messages were not in her favour.

“O.K. I’ll go”, she said . “But this time I’ll need some back up. Allan the Informer and I were on our own last time”.

“You shall have it” Said Hart. “Aunty Oxidant, Ann Jynah, Blud Presher, Hitar Cig, and Bestliver will be operating covert C.H.I.P. ( Cholesterol High Intake Patrols) missions. We have also got some new spells, including one to repel Fat Plaque. “I can see you smiling already” Said Hart Bypars.

Will Rachel the Spam Witch take up this mission? Will Allan The Informer be willing to go again? What nasty surprises will the evil Artcloggs have this time?

Tune in for the next episode of SPAMQUEST. The Final Frontier. (Available just as soon as we have had our fish & chips & pickled eggs).

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Re: rip-off lanzarote
Posted by: Ez ()
Date: February 22, 2004 04:55PM

Hi Sapph,

Me n my fella are off to PDC on the 26th too for 1week, Just thought we'd get the low down on the general jist of Lanzarote seeing as we've never been before. Looks like mostly good reports there are always some horror stories, just hope we don't end up being one!! Anyway any tips anyone has on places to go and eat or drink, nightlife etc would be greatfully recieved. Hope you have a good time and i'll be putting our experience on the website when we return.


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