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sun tropical apartments
Posted by: ALAN THOMPSON ()
Date: December 30, 2003 07:19PM

I am travelling with my partner to Lanzarote on the 8th Jan 2002 and staying for 2 weeks self catering.
1) I would like to know if there are any supermarkets nearby that are reasonably priced for food and drink.
2) Any good places to eat which don't cost an arm and a leg. I read somewhere that the island was 15% more expensive than Tenerife.
3) Is Playa Blanca within walking distance of the apartments.
4) Whilst we're not looking for a holiday with lots of action, eating, drinking and reading will suffice for a week but after that we may need to stretch our wings. Would hiring a car be a good idea or is there enough locally to keep us entertained?

Finally what's the bird life like on the island, the feathered kind of course!!

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Re: sun tropical apartments
Posted by: Thomas ()
Date: January 04, 2004 09:37PM

Hi Alan

Just came back from ST after two weeks of sc, and we are looking to book the same again this year! It’s a wonderfully new and clean holiday village and you could quite easily spend your entire time sitting by the pools. Good choice overall. As for your questions:

1) the in-house supermarket is pretty good for the essentials and quite reasonable. We came across three supermarkets in PB, one opposite the taxi rank and the others in the pedestrian areas. The two we particularly liked was Netto as they were very well stocked, and the other was Marcial (Spar).

2) PB on the whole is more expensive than other places on the island. This is evident from the classy 4-5* hotels and also the shops in town. There is less tat around say compared to Puerto del Carmen. As for places to eat in PB, I suggest

Tipico Espanol - opposite the children's playground next to taxi rank.

Terazza Casa Perdo (seafront, overlooking P. Blanca beach) - excellent grilled fish (catch of the day).

A little further, if you have a car, I can suggest:

Lani's, Puerto Calero (opposite marina, on the way to Arrecife) - fantastic roast lamb and suckling pig.

Tapas bar at Monumento Campensino (road to Teguise, north of San Bartolome).

Mar Azul, El Golfo (last restaurant but one on your right) - wonderful seafood especially grilled baby squid.

3) All the literature tell you ST is 700m from the beach (Playa Dorada). This is factually correct if you measure from the outer perimeter fence. It is more like 1km from the main and only entrance/exit. From Playa Dorada, there is a further 1km but there is a lovely seafront walk, or if you prefer, a walk on the "high street". ST has a shuttle service that runs every hour on the hour that takes you down to P. Dorada. Taxis on the way back is very convenient and cost €2.50 max.

4) I would definitely recommend hiring a car as prices there are one of the cheapest in Europe. A week hire cost around €120 and you get a Vauxhall Nova equivalent (www. There is also a hire desk at the hotel (Auto Faber) and prices also seem reasonable. Purely on price, DO NOT rent from the reps.

There is plenty to see and explore. Fire mountain and the camel rides were great fun. The easiest way to get to Papagayo is by car but watch the insurance, as it does not cover off road driving. When we were there, almost all the cars parked at Papagayo were hire cars so there you go.

I hope you and your partner have a great time. If you need anymore details, just shout.


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Re: sun tropical apartments
Posted by: hannah riggs ()
Date: January 27, 2004 10:43PM

ive just got back from staying in the sun tropical aparthotel and i loved every minute of it! You rarely get bored on a night time because there are three good priced restaurants on site. my personal favourite was the chicken restaurant (probably because there was a fit waiter who worked in there but never mind) the food was of fabulous standard and excellent service.

The apartments are brilliant and it feels like you are living home from home (well i did). There is fabulous entertainment on a night time that keeps you entertained but i would advise you if you are going to check out the rooftop clubs, to get there it costs about €2.50 but if you want to get a brilliant atmosphere dont go until about 1:30-2:00 because the place is usually dead by then (and also watch out for the moroccans! they get a bit lively! if ya know what i mean!) The best places there are The Irish Anvil and Rooftops because the atmosphere in here is amazing especially when gary the dj is playing!

The sun tropical also has a daytime program for adults and teenagers 6 days a week; different activities include (for the teenagers) waterpolo which is great fun,volleyball,tennis,fun fitness, and other great stuff to keep the kids entertained.

Later on about 4:00pm everyday apart from a sunday there is a quiz on various topics winner will receive a ticket for 4 free drinks alcoholc or non alcoholic for use in the bar du notre or the big dome. On night time the entertainer have a mini disco for the toddlers that are fun and the entertainers are fabulous.While i was there i made friends with all of them and i got on so well with them that i am seriously thinking of going back there either this year or next year.

I also would advise you to hire a car to travel round the island. We hired one for €30 for two days and we travelled up to the top of the island and it didnt take us long at all.

I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday and i would say to anyone if they asked me to go and stay there because it is amazing and you never know you might see me there when you go!

p.s to alan thompson you and your wife must have been there while i was there so i hoped you had a good time

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