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Lost a bag in Lanzarote - any suggestions?
Posted by: KaisaN ()
Date: January 04, 2004 03:12AM

Hello there,

I hitchhiked with my husband from Arrieta to Arrecife on the 21st of December and of course he had to forget his bag in that car. Now I'm asking you for any ideas on how to try to get it back. Is there somewhere we could advertise, for example? What do people usually do in situations like this? Just forget about the whole thing? I know it's very unlike to really find the bag, but we'd still like to try something because in the bag there was his passport and a quite expensive book from Helsinki University Library. We don't know the number of the car or the name of the owner, so contacting him directly is impossible.

In Finland you would contact the police about any items lost or found, and it even works sometimes, so we went to see the police in Puerto del Carmen where we were staying, but they couldn't really do anything for us.

Isn't it frustrating? If the founder would like to return our things, he would have to do nothing else than search internet for the name on the passport and he would find us. But well then, he doesn't know that.


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Re: Lost a bag in Lanzarote - any suggestions?
Posted by: Thomas ()
Date: January 04, 2004 09:43PM

Sorry to hear about your misfortune.

There is an English tourist gazette published by expats(?) from PDC. You could try contacting them at [] for more advice if the local route does not help.

Good luck.

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Re: Lost a bag in Lanzarote - any suggestions?
Posted by: gixxer pat ()
Date: February 01, 2004 05:34PM

sorry for your loss , but i think you may forget about your bag ,
we (read , I ) left a bag on our airport bus on arrival for our two week hol
last summer , later after many phone calls by our receptionist .who was
excellent , our bag arrived (read , yippie) minus cd player, all 12 cd's
2 month old digital camera (read , bollox) and my leccy razor ,so
unless your really lucky ..... well you know

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