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Translation needed please!
Posted by: Jayne Rowswell ()
Date: February 02, 2004 11:50AM

Could someone please translate the last part of this review of the Papagayo Arena Hotel for me please? The part that has been translated is very useful and the part that's not translated is probably vital!


Here I write up my valuation (I hope that most objective possible of the hotel). The valuation in general is positive, although with some details that could be improved.

My general valuation of the room is good, although already I say you that I had luck of which me they gave it in block C, blocks G and H (I create) in some cases gives an open of terrain.


- Extensive and new

- Giant bed

- Wonderful and great bath (the shower gel puts they in a dispenser in the wall, and they replace it if it finishes)

- Refrigerator with refreshments (2 pepsi, 2 kas orange, 2 kas lemon, 2 seven up, 3 normal waters and 1 with gas), recharged every 2 days (they have not failed nor once)

- Game of small table and tea wood chairs that can be put in the terrace or be left within the room

- Quite ample terrace with views to the sea, the swimming pools, or in worse from the cases to the work open of terrain in the direction of beach papagayo. (In my case on beach foot with views to Fuerteventura)

- Conditioned air (it does not give much cold, in my case, but the sufficient thing)

- Great TV (28") with control at a distance

- Dryer (according to my woman it worked of death)

- Musical thread in some schedules

- Badly service of cleaning (an empty softdrink can under the bed fell to me and was 3 days there)

- Sometimes they did not put colcha to me (if, already that it is a triviality but we are going away to put it all no)

- Sometimes "they forget" to change to the towels and/or the hygienic paper (but calling to reception you they bring it).

- All the current of the room depends on a groove where the card is inserted (normally they give 2 cards to open you). If that card takes off, it is extinguished until the conditioned air. TRICK: To put ANY card that you have to the iros and you will be able to maintain the air in marchwinking smiley I put the one of the social security... jajajaj

- There is not one stated time for the cleaning of the room, some DAY me they did it to the 9:30 and other to 18:00

- If you need a cradle for baby, dadles cane because to my they were engaged in it, after many calls, to 23:00! They said to me that there were more you drink of which they hoped and had to go to buy.

- The signal of the TV is quite bad, except for the satelite channels (that are few, single Cnn (ingles) and 3 Germans). There is no channel extra...

Hay 5 swimming pools distributed in 3 levels. No of them covers more with 1,40m. In the first level is greatest than it has a side with gradual entrance (as a beach) and arrives until 1,40m. In the second level there are 2 swimming pools... one for adults of 1,40m and very great other for children of 0,38m, wonderful. In the third level there are 2 swimming pools, although smaller more. Also one of adults of 1,40m and other to circulate of children of 0,38m. These was my favorites since they did not fall more far from the bar of the swimming pool and when being safe from the hotel, had less wind.


- Little agglomeration of people

- Very good maintenance, clean water to all hours

- Very calm and little rigid regulation (nobody says nothing to you if you put with the child in the swimming pool of children)


- Much wind in first and the second level of swimming pools

- Few parasols

- Parasols fly with much facility since they are not ventilated by above and the theoretical weight of the foot, that is of plastic and would have to fill up with sand, is drained. Taken care of when choosing parasol much or to put itself near some, they could daros a scare.

the truth is that I have not seen much the spectacles of the hotel. Although reason why my woman has explained me, in the afternoons is good animation for the children, in form of games, dances in the swimming pools or parties of water-basket (a species of aquatic basketball with 2 super-flowerpots in the edges of the swimming pool) and the theater. At night, every day to 22:00 (someday to 21:30) there is a different spectacle, although it is not no wonder at least for my pleasure.


- The children go it of death in the minidisc.

- There is good information of all the acts from the first day that is arrived since they give leaves yet you what it becomes in the week.


- The nocturnal performances are a little late (21:30/22:00) for the children nevertheless most of them are too infantile for greater.

- Although they put everything what they can of his part, the spectacles in his majority are done directly by the entertainers of the hotel and they see "amateurs very", although already I say to you that the children pass it well.

Hay much variety of food and quite good sure quality, although you do not hope to find lobster nor cochinillo to the furnace. I only used the international restaurant and the Italian, since grill I did not like much and for the others it was necessary to make reserve and, the truth, did not come to us from pleasure.


- Abundant food and of enough quality.

- Although every day it had basically the same with a few variations, were so many things that I believe that I have not repeated eaten no day (except the things that wanted to repeat because I liked)

- The service of dining room is very good, fast and kind.

- Pizza of the Italian is brilliant, as well as the dry parmesano super-cheese... probadlo!


- In the Italian restaurant there was very little variety, although they changed to some plates every DAY, but there were few.

- In order to reserve in the Eastern one, you have to make it with more of a day of advance if you want to be able to choose the hour, but they will give intempestivas hours you (to my they wanted to give the 19:00 to me to have supper)

- In the rush hours you can have problems to find table, although if you ask it a waiter, it will be in charge of prepararos one in just a short time. I recommend to you to go to eat on the 13:30 and to have supper on the 20:30. To that hour there is little people.

the personnel in general is very kind and likeable, although in reception they are made a crazy person little when you request things to them by telephone and some times it is necessary to insist. Since I have said before the personnel of the bars and the restaurants are amiable and kind (with some exception as it is normal). I do not find that she lacks personnel since they have indicated some in his commentaries, but equal then if it were truth.

There are 6 bars, all to total yield, although the one of the beach I have never seen it opened, but it is because the schedule of operation of the bar is reduced and did not agree with meJ. The drinks are of normal quality, except the cocktails, that are all "canning" in bottle... I talk about to that they do not prepare they but who already they come prefabricated in bottle. There is San crazy Franciscos, Caipirinhas, Tequila Sunrises, the Coco, etc... As far as licores, normal marks enter the whole including, like Ballantines, JB, 100 Pipers, etc. It also has licores of apple, banana, etc... The beer is Cruzcampo of barrel, that is not bad.

The 6 bars are the following ones:


This one is the bar "of glasses" and, along with the canary bar, is the favourite of the tourists. It works normally in the afternoons and I believe that he is the one that closes late but (it could be to 2:00am but I am not safe, although single YOU it arrives until the 24:00, so as of that moment it would be necessary to pay)

At night is a saxofonista touching that, although with little repertoire, makes cosy and the place to relax.


the canary bar works from the morning (on the 10:00 I create) to the 22:00. It has the best terrace with views to the sea and Lanzarote, and throughout serve from cocktails to sándwiches and pieces as cake the day. This enough plenty of English, mainly at night until the closing.

BAR Of the HALL (not as it is called)

Normally was going to this bar to take the coffee after eating, although the coffee is horrible... but he is the one that falls más cerca del restaurante internacional y me imagino que el café era igual de malo en todos los bares. Sirven también cócteles y creo que esta abierto desde el mediodía hasta la noche. Los camareros son bastante simpáticos.


Este bar abre sobre el mediodía y cierra sobre las 20:00 (creo). Está entre los niveles 2 y 3 de piscinas y sirven bebidas, sangría (de surtidor, no está mal), olivas, cacahuetes y sándwiches.


Está al lado de la piscina principal (nivel 1 de piscinas) y frente al escenario del teatro. La verdad es que no lo he usado mucho, pero la gente va allí mientras dan espectáculos por la noche para tomar algo. Bebidas y cócteles, creo que no tienen nada para comer.


Como os he dicho al principio, este bar ni siquiera lo he llegado a ver abierto. Es un chiringuito pequeño que está en la planta 1 de los bloques C y D (entre los dos) y da a la verja principal de la playa del hotel. Creo que solamente abre de 11:00 a 15:00, aunque no creo que lo use mucha gente ya que casi nadie va a la playa del hotel.

Los servicios en general son nuevos y están correctos. Alguien ha nombrado que faltan bolas en los billares y las cartas no están todas. A mi no me ha ocurrido, aunque encuentro que los servicios “de pago” son excesivamente caros.


El SPA consiste en gimnasio con 10/15 aparatos, 3 jacuzzi (uno sin burbujas), 2 saunas y un hamman (baño de vapor). Es totalmente gratuito y excepto en los jacuzzi, normalmente hay sitio sin tener que esperar.


El mini golf es nuevo pero un poco cutrillo, no tiene ningún tipo de floritura (césped, dibujitos, etc…) simplemente los típicos hoyos rodeados de un bordillo blanco y se encuentra en una terraza hecha de terrazo (jej, redundancia?) Los palos se han de pedir en recepción y te hacen dejar un depósito hasta que los devuelves (no sé la cantidad ya que no he jugado)


Hay varios billares americanos esparcidos por todo el hotel. No son gratuitos (valen 2€) aunque están en perfectas condiciones para jugar.


En la planta -1 del hall hay mesas con tapetes para jugar, y en recepción (previo depósito de 5€) te dejan las cartas, aunque creo que solo hay una baraja de cada tipo.


Aunque no he ido ningún día, me consta que a las 15:00 cada día se hace tiro (cada día con un arma diferente, viene reflejado en la hoja de actividades)


Hay 6 ordenadores con Internet que funcionan todo el día (excepto algún momento que a primera hora de la mañana los he visto apagados). Son de pago y encuentro que carísimos, ya que salen a 2€ cada 20 minutos (o sea, 6€ por hora). No os puedo decir que tal van ya que a ese precio no me atrevo winking smiley

Las zonas comunes del hotel son totalmente nuevas (como es de esperar) y están totalmente limpias a todas horas (puede ser que antes de ir yo faltase personal, pero en la semana que estuve siempre había gente limpiando por todos los sitios. Puede ser que la directiva del hotel reaccionase a las quejas).


- El hotel tiene una pinta tremenda, de lujo total.

- El diseño arquitectónico, por lo menos para mí es muy bonito y, aun siendo gigantesco el hotel, no da sensación de aglomeración en ningún momento


- Algunos ascensores no han funcionado durante toda la semana en la que he estado en el hotel, aunque como normalmente están en parejas o de 3 en 3 (no hay ningún ascensor solo en ningun sitio), no pasa nada porque siempre encuentras alguno que funciona.

- En algunos momentos, he pasado un poquito de calor, ya que hay zonas donde no siempre hay aire acondicionado, ya que dejan abiertas las puertas para que pase aire. No se si es debido a fallos en la corriente eléctrica como me comentó algún técnico de mantenimiento. Pero en general, se está bien.

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Re: Translation needed please!
Posted by: sandy ()
Date: February 02, 2004 08:45PM

the bar in the east is open at midday & shuts at 8pm. enter at levels 2 & 3 at the swimming pool & be served sangria, olives, peanuts & sandwhiches. ill ask my spanish teacher to tell me the rest tomorrow at school then ill write it up on here tomorrow night.

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Re: Translation needed please!
Posted by: Jayne Rowswell ()
Date: February 04, 2004 09:52AM

Hi Watforddave,

Have given it a try and it's brilliant. can at least get a good idea. Thanks very much for that!


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