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Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: April 27, 2004 09:57PM

Going to Costa Teguise in May (3rd time) what are your fav bars and resturaunts in Costa Teguise?


San Remo ( yet for us)
Lighthouse (resturaunt)
Tianemen Chinese (resturaunt)
Scots & Wry (Bar & Food)
Bar Chispas (very cheap booze)
King Arthur/Camelot (good bar after hours...tad expensive tho)

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: April 27, 2004 10:13PM

ooooo i forgot the Dolphin Inn too winking smiley

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: muzzisben ()
Date: April 27, 2004 11:16PM

shooters bar is cool, also,liked scots and wry, place on the front by cucharas beach, i think its called columbus but only rememberthe beer was 1:50€ all day. also try the snug, pricey but nice evening atmosphere, theres a pirates bar by the snug, dont remember name but if you look across the square from the snug, you cant miss it, the pirates hang from the walls outside, great cocktails.

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: karen ()
Date: April 27, 2004 11:54PM

hi bill and pam,
14 of us going to costa tequise in august,wondering can u recomend a good restuarant that we cud all eat in ,as we are renewing are wedding vows in lanzorate this year,we would like a nice place to eat after the ceremony,not to expensive,but nice and local to were we staying,el trebol aparthotel,do you no of it?if not just in tequise itself,cheers

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: margaret ()
Date: April 28, 2004 12:03AM

My best are
Hook's in the Puablo Marinos
Casablanca restaurant across from the Lighthouse.
Pearl of the Atlantico.
Bar 1 at Cucharas Shopping centre.

If you are staying at the Trebol,there are plenty of vergood bar's and Restaurant's right outside.I can't for the life of me think of the name's.

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: April 28, 2004 07:31AM


Have a link for you for a place within 2 mins walking sitance from El Trebol, called El Boulevard-


I think that might be good for you. Other than that, most resturaunts (even the smaller ones) will accomodate a party of 14 easily...i've seen parties of NINETEEN being accomodated easily at San Remo....keep your eye on this thread for a few more ideas/choices. smiling smiley

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Andy ()
Date: April 28, 2004 12:51PM

Sunburnt arms is good and all the pubs by it! they are all English and Freindly!!

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Manc Jo ()
Date: April 28, 2004 10:35PM

I'm off to the Ficus Apartments in June - I've heard that Legends is nearby and is a good night out if you have kids. Is there anywhere else near there?

Also going to the Lanzarote Bay next summer - what family-friendly bars should I look out for near there?

p.s. all bars need to be wobbling distance from the apartments!

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: April 29, 2004 12:25AM

I've been in Legends bar, and it's ok to take kids etc.....they have "reps" who will put on shows etc for kids. The bar itself is ok, with pool table and sky tv and is quite a good brekky there too. If you are looking for pubs near to your digs (Ficus), i'm afraid your going to be limited....."Nik and Diane's" bar is nearby (beside Los Carmenes Apts) and has received good reviews on various sites (heaven knows why...the pub itself is the size of your living room, and although Nik is a nice guy, he can't sing for toffee...most of the clientelle were 55+ Cliff Richard mob) There is a small bar facing Legends (facing the entrace on the street which your apts are on) again, wasn't a big bar, but seemed friendly enough...footy etc. There is also a bar in the square facing Legends (just to the left) with music etc, you could give it a try. On the whole, you are going to be limited if you want to remain within walking distance of Ficus...but if you don't mind that then you i think Legends will be your best bet.

"Cactus Jacks" may be open late too....but i would strongly reccomend that you do not go there for ANYTHING. We went for a sandwich during the day, and the place was filthy...i mean FILTHY....the tablecloths were sticky as was the floor...filthy stained menus etc, and Pam saw a dozen or so creepy crawlies in fem toilets....on walls and be warned!

If you can manage into the centre of Costa Teguise, that would be better as you would have much more choice of some great places...there are many there! I hope you find something that will suit...enjoy your hol! winking smiley

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Manc Jo ()
Date: April 29, 2004 12:39AM

Thanks Bill & Pam!
Only going to the Ficus for one week so probably won't have time to venture too far away!
We're going to the Lanzarote Bay apartments next summer for 2 weeks, so might get out a bit more then.
Both places are all-inclusive anyway, just need somewhere within easy distance for after the hotel entertainment finishes around midnight.

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Julie ()
Date: May 05, 2004 04:49PM


We stayed next door to the Legends bar in March and it was a really nice place.

The cafe's and eating places are nice just across the road to Legends. English full breakfast lovely in the corner just pased the shop - an english man owns it - good luck.

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Jenny ()
Date: May 06, 2004 05:09PM

Going to costa teguise in june, was wondering how long all the bars stay open til? thanks,

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: May 06, 2004 07:15PM

We're going to Lanzarote for our 3rd time next week. When we were in "Bar Chispas" (Pueblo Marinero....Centre of Costa Teguise) We asked the guy when he closed...he said "whenever i like" but having said that, most chuck it at around 2 am.....although the late opening places like "King Arthur's" (you can't miss it...looks like a the bottom of Avenida Jablilo) will be open til 4 am. As will "The Jellyfish" pub across the road. These 2 are kinda get a few down you before you go in winking smiley

There are bars to suit every taste in Costa Teguise, i don't think you will be disapointed....don't be afraid to experiment!

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: heather ()
Date: May 14, 2004 11:39PM

Do you mean the Swan Inn ? just opposite legends?

Yes that is a really good cafe... good breakfast and a good evening meal
Jan and i think Dave? they are the people who own it (english)
On a night you will find a woman called Christine (really good chef) and a man called Roger (friendly and most welcoming)
If anyone decides to go for a meal give them my love

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Lanzarote_Laura ()
Date: May 23, 2004 10:23PM

I have just come back from 2 weeks in Costa Teguise. I am moving out there in 1 months time to work the summer as I fell in love with the resort.
Some moan about Costa teguise strip but i love it and I have ventured into the hell hole which is Puerto Del Carmen , supposedly the party centrel!
I hated it.
I am a 21 year old who is easy going and up for a good time but this resort was horrible. Full of cocky yobs PR'ing illegally and trying, often dragging you ILLEGALLY into bars, loads of mouthy drunken english tarts parading their bad tan lines and cleaveges to even drunker bald english thugs ready for anything, dog or human.
I thought the clubs and bars were meat markets and way over priced for the expierience, the buy one get one free's are a lie as the PR's and bar men dont communciate AND they dot use name brand alchohol - cheap local equivalent but charge for the brands!!
Costa Tequise on the other hand is full of friendly locals who if you be friend them will take you under their wing and show the hidden hot spots of Teguise. Hidden Local bars that dont close till 10am!! Cheap cheap cheap!!
Also Go and see Beaux N Belles Comedy Drag show @ CACTUS JACKS for one fo the best nights out, save your money on Titty Trollop and see these guys! Titty trollop stole all their material so its the same show, go see the originals! Kareoke @ CACTUS JACKS is 12-3am 7 nights a week and is held by the goregously, totally sexy n shaggable Simon, if you dont see the attraction after a few visits you will! I did, cant wait till i go back he he he! DING DONG!!! Also Simon works at a goregous Indian restaraunt called MAHATTMA COTE (get it?) The food there is just as edible as the waiter, phwoooarrr!!!!!! Go there, its above and next door to SAXO's. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
We became regulars at Cactus Jacks and really got to know the morrocan family that run it. They were friendly, generous and welcoming and the lovely attitude there made us return again and again. Its a little grubby sometimes, not often, but the work in the bar is great and it is a wicked themed bar which does lovely food.
Legends on the other hand i thought was the pitts. The kareoke system was rubbish, the crowd was awkwad and bitchy and the shows were dire! It was really a dressed up beer tent!
Hire a Car and see the island, the excursions over charge ridiculously! Although we didnt see 14 Lanzarote days we saw 14 amazing nights. We may not have learnt the history but we learnt how the locals live and i am hooked................... Hasta Luego Amigo's!

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Lanzarote_Laura ()
Date: May 25, 2004 01:39PM

Hello Lucy,

I got to know micheal and kevin really well too. I was saying the above in jest, but my opinion is that their show is by far the best with what resources they have. I look forward to them owning their own bar in Costa T. When they have the same set out as TT, they will blow the island away!
M & K took me to see TT and the amount the two teams had 'borrowed' from one another was astonishing, but thats show buisness! The thing i did find was that B&B took the odd song but added their own touch where as TT took the song, the gimmick etc....
I love Mambos, such a cool atmosphere in there - had many an unforgettable night there! I liked Coyote but we kept ending up there when the stripper was on lol - purely by accident, also when spanish celebs was there -
Anywhoo, if you know any jobs going in Lanza then gis a shout1
take care,
laura xx

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Dan ()
Date: May 28, 2004 09:55PM

Chis Pas and Scots and Wry get a few write ups in here however I like neither of them.

Chis Pas may well be the cheapest but it's chairs etc outside are filthy. The Scots and Wry bar staff seem a bit dour (I'm a Scotsman) but the boozer is spotlessly clean and the food seems to bring back customers. The dourest barman I came across was the geezer in The Red Lion (Happy Harry).

The Snug had two guitar bashers (Tommy and Derek) covering all the popular Irish tunes and they made everyone welcome whilst keeping a laugh going amongst songs.

My personal favourite was a wee place upstairs above the square that holds the Dubliner, Snug, Scots and Wry etc and was called "The Harp" run by a lovely Irish couple.

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Emma ()
Date: June 03, 2004 08:54PM

My best Resturaunts is the one next to Cactus Jacks can't remember it's name But i know one of the people who work there!!!! it's oppersite mini golf and the Legends

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: Stovios ()
Date: June 03, 2004 10:45PM

I came back from two weeks in Lanzarote today!
We spent most of our holiday in The Scots and Wry, it is in my opinion the best bar on the island! Its family run and the family are really really friendly! They do nice chips as well!
The Cutty Sark which is along the coast is a gorgeous place for food but it can be expensive unless you go during the offers times, such as the two for one from 6-8. Went to a Mexicans last nite for our last meal called Tex Mex, they do delicious chicken wings!
I went in the Snug bar and thought it was a bit dingy, I dont advise the Jellyfish unless you are part of a gangster mafia!
King Arthurs is a good pub for dancing, you cant miss that place cos its shaped like a castle!
Slowboat chinese restaurant is lovely but a bit pricey!
We visited Pjs bar and ive never been so insulted in all my life. The drinks were mingin and the entertainment was pathetic. There was a band on called The Little Stars, it was actually quite disturbing!
I thought the Dubliner, next to the Scots and Wry wasn't very nice.
Neither was the Bulldog karaoke pub, although it seemed a good deal that they had 2 for 1 on drinks, all the drinks were watered down and tasted vile!
Overall i thought you couldn't go past the Cutty Sark for food and the Scots and Wry for atmosphere and entertainment as they had some brilliant entertainers there, especially Pete Scott who stole my quavers!!!!

Re: Best Bars & Resturaunts in Costa Teguise
Posted by: gemma hall ()
Date: June 07, 2004 01:45PM

just back from costa tequise stayed in the el trebol lovely hotel all staff was really friendly the place was spotless.cactus jacks had exellent entertainment and we ate at legends most of the time breakfast and evening meals were great and were reasonably priced.had a fab holiday and if i was 2 go back there id definatly stay in the el trebol again even the entertainment there was great i couldnt fault it.

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