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club guinate
Posted by: jane ()
Date: September 03, 2004 07:57PM

i asked about these apps about three weeks ago and have heard nothing!
i am off in only twelve days time and am a bit apprehensive that they are there at all(lol)
i have looked on a few other forums and there is nothing,just hope that out of all the hundreds of apps and hotels i have not gone and booked a 'turkey'.
oh well, if needs must i will have to sleep on the beach,at least it will be hot!

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: gixxer pat ()
Date: September 03, 2004 09:34PM

apart from their location, which i told ian about on 20/8 i dont know anything else, sorry.

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: September 04, 2004 12:06AM

Hi Jane....

Try this for starters smiling smiley >>>>>>>

Club Guinate Info -


Will try and find more for you smiling smiley

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: jane ()
Date: September 04, 2004 01:54PM

thanks guys
the holiday nights link is where i booked the hol from, but i was trying to find some inderpendant views.
oh well we will see in twelve days time. fingers crossed.

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: September 04, 2004 02:23PM

I borrowed winking smiley these reviews from holidays uncovered website.......

These are people's views of you accomodation-

Club Guinate Apartments - Puerto del Carmen

Operator and Date: Direct Holidays May 2002

Opinion submitted in July 2002 by : LINDA,, HUGH 46,49

Resort Rating: Good

Accommodation Rating: Average

My/Our Holiday Opinion:

These apartments are clean and spacious but i feel are in need of upgrade. the pool is kept clean and tidy but swim at your pearl the water is ice cold. My friend is just back july and she says it was just the same, also no kids pool here the shallow end is around 5ft. Parents beware. One good thing was they have a security chap who works nightshift. There is a good supermarket a few mins away that sells great fresh bakery every morning good stock of everything you might require. The restaurants in del carmen are second to none, the la. cascada in the old town is brill although you may have to wait for a table but worth it. One of the best chinese ive ever been in is here called the Tesoro de oro dont miss it also in the old town. I found the pubs a hit or a miss i think there in need of some good entertainment in this resort, all in all had a good holiday but would'nt rush back. Oh must say give the french restaurant next to the irish pub in old town a body swerve as was the most expensive and downright pitiful.

Book this Hotel Direct Package Holidays Holidays Direct Last Minute

Club Guinate Apartments - Puerto del Carmen

Operator and Date: Direct Holidays - January 2002

Submitted in February 2002 by : Don Patterson - Dumfries, Scotland. (30,25)

Resort Rating: Good

Accommodation Rating: Average

My/Our Holiday Opinion:


One thing I have noticed in holiday brochures is the rating, which is based on the questionaires previous guests have completed in that there is only a choice of Excellent, Good, Poor or Very Poor. They then publish the statistics. Now on some of the questions I completed I wanted to say that the rating was neither Good or Poor. Now most people being honest could not say that Club Guinate Apartments were poor so reluctantly chose Good. When the brochures are printed they present it on a 25% 50% 75% 100% basis. This usually generates results no worse than 75% because people said the holidays were Good. The true result would be less than 75% should there be an option of Neither Good Nor Poor.


Our latest holiday in the Canary Islands, was this time to be in the resort of Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote.

For anyone who has ever had doubts about booking a holiday via the internet rather than using the travel agent, then in my experience the holiday here was not any different in respect of the actual holiday itself. You still get a rep and welcome meetings etc. Our holiday was obtained via auction on the internet at who have recently been bought over by Airtours. Also bought over by Airtours is Direct Holidays. The company has been renamed MY TRAVEL, but it does keep its identity to an extent. Anyone who goes to the Late Escapes web site or Direct Holidays web site will automatically be re-routed to a My Travel web page where you will see a combination of the services provided by both Late Escapes and Direct Holidays.We were looking for 7 days holiday and searched the late escapes web site and managed to find a week in 3 key Named accomodation for a bid of only £390.00 plus a charge of 2 x £7 for security purposes and a fee of £7.50 for credit card payment. This was the the total cost of the holiday not the cost per person. The only other thing you have to have is Travel Insurance. I shopped around for this and managed a Policy with a local insurance broker for only £24 in total with Fortis Insurance, whereas Direct Holidays were asking for £25 per person. The insurance policy I obtained was also wider cover than that being offered by My Travel.

When bidding for a holiday ensure you know what you are bidding for. Some of the holidays exclude coach transfer to and from the airport and some are un-named accomodation. In our case both were included. The auction has a closing time and date and the holidays can start for as little as £1.00. Each further bid must increase by at least £20.00. When the auction closes the person who has bid the most wins and the tour operator immediatley sends them an email congratulating them on their win and asks them to ring them. Once you ring the tour operator they take down all the particulars as would a travel agent and then post you out your tickets by first class post. The service provided was excellent.


The apartments are rated in the Direct Holidays brochure as being 3 keys, but I would not agree with this and would say that they were 2keys, possibly 2keysplus.However in the defence I could say that when they were last refurbished they would have been 3 keys. There are 36 apartments, an L shaped swimming pool of about 20 feet long and 15 feet wide, a bar and a reception open 9am to 9pm. At night the area is patrolled by Security Guard. Inside the apartments are clean and tidy and fairly spacious looking, and there is plenty of room for storage in built in wardrobes and drawers. Each apartment has a Safe which can be hired for an extra 9 Euros per week, plus a deposit of 6 Euros. There are a lot of minor things that could improve the look and feel of the place that could generate the 3 key rating. For example there were rusty toilet roll holders, dirty rusty lavatory brush. One of the beds was slightly higher than the other and this might not appeal to couples! Maid service was as early as 9am some days, which is too early for me, especially if you have been out drinking the night before. We only had 1 towel for the whole week. The apartments are in need of a minor overhaul to bring them back to scratch and then they would probably deserve their 3 key rating. The things mentioned here certainly arent big enough to spoil a holiday and I wouldn't be too bothered if I went back to these apartments but I certainly wouldnt rush out to go back. My rating out of 10 - 6

The beach we went to was Playa Grande and is certainly a clean beach, the water was nothing special and consisted of large waves and dark blue sea, but this may be different in the summer months. There are toilets on the beach but they are certainly not the cleanest i have ever seen, they are free to use though. In Gran Canaria they charge 50 Pts but the toilets are spotless and very fresh with cleaners constantly at work. There is also a shop at Playa Grande beach. My rating out of 10 - 7

Lanzarote in general at this time of year is flooded with people in the age group of 50 plus.

Eating out - At night I would strongly recommend the Lani's group of restaurants, catering for all sorts of cuisine. Each Lani's (and there is 11 of them) cook in the restaurant in front of everyone, there is no back kitchen to hide away what really happens. A 3 course meal for 2 inc 2 drinks each would cost about 40 Euros (£30.00) Top Service, Top presentation,Top Taste. My Rating out of 10 - 10

Eating out - For breakfast i would recommend "The Tavern" which is situated across from the Main enttrance to Playa Grande beach. A proper English breakfast with proper English products, for only 9 Euros per couple including a drink.Many restaurants claim to do an English breakfast but they use Spanish food and it tastes and looks nothing like it. Of course if you prefer to be the type that likes to try different gatronomy then far be it for me to tell you. My Rating out of 10 - 8.5

Weather - We were there for 7 days between 24th January and 31st January and every single day there was a clear blue sky by 11am. Temperatures rose to 22degrees celcius by 1pm or so and died down again at 4pm to about 18degrees. It is constantly breezy in Lanzarote and quite windy at the beach, but it is never cold and the wind really is only noticable once the sun goes down. My Rating out of 10 - 8

Night life - Plenty of bars to go to, open until early hours, Casino, My Rating 8.

Overall Rating of Holiday out of 10 - 8

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: jane ()
Date: September 04, 2004 02:41PM

thank you very much billandpam
dosnt sound too bad i suppose, and also they were a couple of years old so maybe they have had a refit by now.
any way a least they exist, we will make it a good hol whatever the accom is like.
thanks again
jane (and del) he's paying dont you know! lol

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: BillandPam ()
Date: September 04, 2004 02:49PM

No probs....glad to be of some help smiling smiley

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: jane ()
Date: October 01, 2004 12:44AM

Well here we are back in good old windy, rainy blighty and needing a holiday to recuperate from our holiday!(amazing how tired you get doing nothing).
I am janes other half and am writing this on behalf of us both while she is getting the house back in order.
Well to start with we had an excellent time and cant wait till next year to go back again for our third time.
This year unlike last, we hired a car from doyouspain on the recomdations of people on this site and another and it was a trouble free and painless operation.The car was a pergeot 307 air con and was better than the one we were supposed to have so happy days first off. The queue for the taxis was massive so i am so glad we chose this option this year.We picked the motor up about ten pm and had a little drive around trying to find our bearings before going to the apps(no we wasnt lost-- much) well it was dark and the only map we had was one of the tourist ones from last year so to be honest i think the wifes navaguessing skills were pretty good.
We arrived at CLUB GUINATE around four am--- no not really, about elevenish and was greeted by a very polite and welcoming receptionist who gave us a swift run down of bar times and ammenities etc and where the local supermarket was and it was still open for essentials like drinking water crisps and bread and eggs and fruit and crisps, did i mention them? i could go on all night! Any way we had a quick shop and dumped it back in the app and then walked the five or so mins down on to the main strip.We had a lovely cool walk along the front and had a couple of drinks and just chilled out and took in the atmosphere of lanzarote.
The first day we unpacked and sorted out the app and layed around the pool catching some rays and generally did nothing until the evening when we went to our favourite bar for a few beers where you sit right on the pavement near the road and just watch every body go by enjoying their selfs and going about their buisness.(people watching the missis calls it).I think the bar was called Diamond bar or club.Anyway after that it was off for a chinese and then a few more beers in to the early hours.
The next two days we did the old culture and trip bit (when in spain) and bacause we had the motor was really unstressfull and we could do it at our own pace and in what order we wanted to.
The timanfaya national park was excellent with its amazing volcanos and lunar like landscapes.After that we headed down to playa blanca which was nice and had a nice meal there too, and watched these huge ferries back in to a hole i could just about get the 307 in!
Also on the agenda was the teguise market which was quite good and bought a few bits and pieces and then we drove onto costa teguise and had a walk on the beach and also had a nice meal there too.(getting fatter by the hour).After that onto jameos del agua which was outstanding!
The next three days were spent on the beach on a rented sunbed getting a serious tan, then back to the apps for a shower and a catnap before heading down to the strip for a few drinks and another meal.
All in all it was bloody lovely and a really nice break.

CLUB GUINATE apps were clean and tidy.They had a fridge and cooker and grill so if you wanted to you could cook your meals there but we just had egg on toast for brecky and eat out at lunch and dinner(when on holiday).
The complex had forty rooms, some double and some single, they were clean and well maintained with a safe in each and the option to hire toasters,tvs and fans etc.(who wants a tv on hol?).
The maid came round every other day with clean towels and gave the app a quick once over and the maintenance guy cleaned the pool every day which i have to say was spotless.There were a couple of families there with kids but i have to say that apart from the pool there was nothing else for the children to do so im not sure if it is really right for families.(just my opinion).It was nice and queit at night but still only a five or so min walk to the action.
All in all nice place to stay and i would stay there again.
Well thats about it, the only downer on the whole hol was that we got to the airport dropped the car off no probs, booked in etc looked on the screen and saw about five flights delayed but our one wasnt (happy days) so we got on the plane only to be told by the bloke at the pointy end with the goldy cuffs that the airtfaffic controlers were working to rule and we will have to sit on the tarmac, doors closed for another hour! Oh well "**** happens" excuse my spanish!
Musnt whinge, whats another hour after a great week in lanzo.
Sorry if i have gone on a bit but just thought you would like to hear about our hol!.

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: deano ()
Date: October 01, 2004 02:47PM

hello janes other half and jane glad to read you had a great holiday all those nice meals you had where do you reccomend did you try any proper spanish tapas bars ihave heard there is a good one in tias where the locals use any info would be welcome for when we go in nov cheers deano

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: samantha. ()
Date: October 07, 2004 09:28AM

try spanish tapas bars, I agree wtih deano tias is excellent.

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: Carol ()
Date: October 19, 2004 02:11PM

Hello Jane and Jane's other half.

We are popping over to Lanzarote next week and staying at the Guinate. I noticed in the brochure a toddler pool (ours toddler is 2) but nobody has mentioned it in the reviews. Is it there? Also can you tell me about the hill please. I've stayed in the old town before and didn't find the hills a problem but everyone seems to think this hill is something out of the ordinary....just thinking buggy here. Hope to here form you before next week. Thanks Carol.

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: jane ()
Date: October 19, 2004 05:44PM

there is a todler pool at club guinate and your two year old will be fine in it as there were lots of little ones in it when we were there.
club guinate is at the top of cardiac hill and to the left a bit, almost opp cactus apps which is their "sister complex".We went up cardiac hill a few times and it is a bit steep at the very bottom but soon levels outish after about fifty or so meters.It didnt worry me being an ex para/marine/special forces/all round good egg,but jane dragged her heals a bit,bless her! lol. To be honest there were so many varied routes you can take that you dont really have to go up it at all!On that point we didnt actually ever come down it!mmmm.Must practice those navaguessing skills before next year.Every body seems to make a big deal about hills etc,don't know why?
Have posted a few pics for you, hope the link works! if not if you want to give me your e-mail i can send them to you.
have a nice hol

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: Lisa Kelly ()
Date: October 28, 2004 11:51PM

A group of us (my family and friends) are going for a second time this year to Club Guinate so it can't be bad. First time we booked with Direct Holidays but this time we booked independently with Club Guinate and sorted our own flights out and saved a couple o hundred quid, let me tell you!
I love Lanzarote and the weather so as long as the sun shines I'm happy. The apartments themselves are basic but clean (you get what you pay for) and the staff are friendly and efficient. The main pool has a shallow end of about 4ft (so not so shallow) but they also have the kids pool. It is in a really good location because it is nice n quiet at night but yet not too far from the main strip and the Old Town (which is really nice with great restaurants). It is also close to the big shopping complex which is a must! Watch out for the slippy floors!!
We never once used "Cardiac Hill" as the easiest way to get to the main drag was to come out of the apartments, turn left and walk down the pedestrianised steps and come out at Linekars Bar (always stopped in their first for a quick drink to start the night off).
Well I shall be there on Monday 1st November for the week so BRING ON THE SUN!!! 8)

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: michael gray ()
Date: October 31, 2004 07:53PM

hi im not sure if this is the info your afeter, but i used to live in the club guinate whilst working for direct holidays they are nice apartments, which have recently been upgraded, There is a big hill to walk up but you can take alternative routes the staff at the complex are very pleasent

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Re: club guinate
Posted by: tonybax ()
Date: November 04, 2004 08:05AM

i stayed in the guinate club a couple of years back and couldnt fault it.
nice and compact and staff very helpful and friendly.

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