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Shipping Costs
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: August 15, 2006 07:06PM

Hello all.

Last minute panic kicking in... and I've grossly misjudged the shipping cost of sending our stuff over to Lanz.

We're not taking any furniture... just half a dozen tea-chests of clothes, photos and general sentimental stuff.

Can anyone recommend a good door-to-door Courier? If you have a weblink, then that would be great!

Cheers guys!

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Re: Shipping Costs
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: August 16, 2006 12:52PM

Sorry can't help but good luck!!
Is your website up yet?

Only advice is take bare minimum!

All your UK clothes will be too hot!
Clothes in Canaries dirt cheap as well.

Just use the cost you would have paid for transporting the stuff to buy new things!

Where will you be based?

Am moving house this weekend too!

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Re: Shipping Costs
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: August 16, 2006 03:11PM

It looks like we may be sorted now. Am talking to a very friendly Courier who might be able to help. But thanks for answering anyway.

I'm taking hardly anything clotheswise. My bikinis and summer stuff would all fit into my (surprisingly small) suitcase anyway. We're even considering just paying extra for Carriage at the airport & taking an extra suitcase each. That would probably be enough for us anyway. It's just the odd things that are too sentimental to leave behind, like photos, and stuff we'll need for work. We also fly back to England for a wedding over Xmas, so can bring more stuff then. We just don't know whether to do it over the couple of flights we'll be doing anyway, or to just get it shipped.

Website is being sorted as we speak, so will be up ready when we arrive. I'm now going to be outsourcing the marketing side of the business, and maybe the graphic design too. I've got more experience in other areas... so am going to play safe for a bit & schmooze for a while ;-)

We'll be living in Playa Blanca when we first arrive, but will be looking for somewhere a little off the beaten track once we've had a few weeks to look around. You're moving too, Will? Where to? Are you on the island already? If so, you, me, Mrs Will & Mr Elle should all get together for vast quantities of wine!

And yes, Celty girl it IS Mr E who's taking up the room. I don't mind though, it's all good. Make sure you give us a shout when you're next on the Island too! As long as I have room for my flip-flops, party outfits & sun tan cream, I'm happy! Oh, and my make-up, my hair stuff, my jewellery, my massive wine glasses, my handbags, my... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Hugs & all that rubbish as always, Elle xx

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Re: Shipping Costs
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: August 16, 2006 03:42PM

If money wasn't an issue would love one of the pads up near Las Brenas. Go up towards Femes and intead of turning right for the really steep bit turn left and check at the lovely houses round there.

Prob stick in the south for the better weather!

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Re: Shipping Costs
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: August 16, 2006 09:26PM

I got it wrong, Will.

I thought it was Playa Blanca, but Alan says it's Puerto De Calero.

What's it like there hon? As I said in an earlier post, it's only for a few weeks until we get to have a look around ourselves. You know ladies... gotta have the right home! We want something halfway up a volcano, or a couple of miles out of town... away from the hustle and bustle... but close enough to still be in touch.

BBQ's at mine then! All welcome - just bring wine & paella!

Have a good evening - we're on our 2nd bottle of wine - and going strong.

John Terry's just scored the first goal against Greece! That's great - his debut as Captain now has sweeter memories for him - now all we have to do is win!

Hugs & all that rubbish - as always! Elle xx

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Re: Shipping Costs
Posted by: biffa ()
Date: August 19, 2006 07:20PM

Hi Elle, if you need anything picking up at the Lanz end just let me know, i have a large van and would be happy to help.

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Re: Shipping Costs
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: August 19, 2006 09:03PM

Thanks Biffa. That's really kind! We've sorted out shipping now with one the Suppliers I use at the offie. A pallet full of tea-chests for £290 plus VAT. Door to door too, which is great! Just got to sort out the legalities of Customs etc, and we're done!

Might still give you a yell though, Biffa at some point if that's ok - when we move from our temporary accomodation to somewhere a bit more long-term. Are you interested in any more work of that nature? Or are you just being a knight in shining armour? ;-)

Thanks honey!

Elle xx

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Re: Shipping Costs
Posted by: biffa ()
Date: August 20, 2006 08:40AM

I just know how frustrating it can be when you first arrive here to get stuff done and organise transport so if you need any help just give me shout. Don't do the shining knight thing just a bit of friendly help.
Good luck with the move

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