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Phone Lines
Posted by: jdennis79 ()
Date: October 10, 2006 09:55PM

Hi All,

Has anyone heard of Telefonicas "Digital Kit".

We have a Villa in PB with no hope of a phone line. But a friend of a friend who owns a place in El Golfo with the same problem, has just had one of these "Digital Kits" installed and now they have a phone line and ADSL Broadband.

DOes anyone know anything about this? It must be some kind of wireless setup, but any info would be greatly appreciated. Like how much it costs how it works and internet speeds..... etc etc

All i know is that they come round and install a box on your wall and then wire into it a phone line.

Im very intrigued :-)



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Re: Phone Lines
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: October 11, 2006 02:05PM

Ooh, this sounds interesting (speaking as someone who´s battling with Telefonica as we speak).

I heard about a Sky one that costs around 750 euros to set up (ask Angie at Montana Villas & Pools - as I think she got that).

I´ll be following this thread with interest!;-)

James... see if anyone else in your villa area has a phone & ADSL line installed... as Telefonica will try to say that you can´t have one... for that reason. Apparently it´s because the setup is done by oiutside contractors who get paid "by the visit", and drag it out as long as they can. We´ve found someone in our villa park who has it... so it´s helping us fight our case.

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Re: Phone Lines
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: October 12, 2006 01:39PM

Thanks Angie. We've got to chase them on 1st November if they haven't sorted it... but Guy from A-Z Paperwork has been invaluable with helping us out with it.
Hugs, Elle xx

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Re: Phone Lines
Posted by: Lynne ()
Date: October 14, 2006 12:03AM

Don't hold your breath Elle....................



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Re: Phone Lines
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: October 14, 2006 01:41PM

Very true, Lynne! We´re not holding out much hope. Popped up to your boot sale today, and also went to see the doggies! Have fallen in love with one there... but we´ll see what´s what after Xmas. By the way... how´s Chunga?

Nice story, Keith... made me really laugh!!!

Hugs, Elle xx

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Re: Phone Lines
Posted by: burrenyoga ()
Date: November 05, 2006 10:46PM

Have any of you used a Vodafone Data connect card to connect your laptop or PC to the internet?

Apparently it uses the mobile phone coverage and if you are in a 3G area, can give you connection at broadband speeds quite cheaply.

I have seen it working here in Ireland, and am wondering if it works in Lanzarote?

I have posted a seperate link (posted 5th November)asking for advice on how i connect my laptop to the internet (preferably broadband) when i come to visit for about 6 weeks starting in 3 weeks time.

Dave from Ireland

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Re: Phone Lines
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: November 06, 2006 11:12AM

Hi Dave. Yes, wireless connection is available in various places now. What area will you be in?


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