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Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: SUZZY ()
Date: November 24, 2006 12:42PM

Hi all looking for info on Lanzarote l came across this forum.....very interesting!!
About to buy a property...and in LANZAROTE staying at The Tuscan apt. Costa Teguise 21st-28th Dec and have several app. booked to veiw...well this will be a very different Christmas hol!!
Any one in the forum who is around at Christmas l would love to hear from any and all info gratefully received!!
Hugs Suz xx

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: SUZZY ()
Date: November 24, 2006 01:29PM

Thanx 4 reply excited really cant wait to get there.....big kid comes to mind here!!
So u opted 4 Playa Blanca? Any particular reasons? How far is that from the airport then? Suppose its as easy to get to as any where on the its so small? Wots the shopping like....very female question hehehehe?

Never even been to Lanzarote early days for us in looking to buy but opted for Canary Isalnds because of the all round temperatures!!
Gran canaria last August is the nearest lve been so far hehehe
Hugs Suz x

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: November 24, 2006 01:36PM

We opted for Playa Blanca too, and have lived here for 2 months. We're very, VERY happy with our choice because it's a little quieter than other areas... but has everything within easy distance.

Playa Blanca is about half an hour from the airport (if you take the Femes road instead of the route around Yaiza. You need to try both routes though, as they both have spectacular views. Yes, it's really easy to get to, and is well signposted.

Shopping is absolutely fine in Playa Blanca. Everything you could need really. Yes, there's even a couple of half-decent clothes shops too. Oh, and as for the designer shoe shop on the beachfront... oh my!!!

Have fun exploring - and enjoy every moment!

We're in the UK whilst you're here, or we could've arranged a bit of a tour for you.

Hugs, Elle xx

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: SUZZY ()
Date: November 24, 2006 01:51PM

Than.....Again Elle......that would have been terrific but hope u enjoy your Christmas in UK as much as l know we will in Lanzarote
Have so many appointments booked with estate agents its going to be a whirl wind of a trip l think!! haha

Have u retired out there or do u work still? We R looking for a small place as a holiday home for now...wouldn't be able to move out there till after July 2007!!
Sale restriction on the house we live in!! Plus Philip (pmacs) would still need to work where as l took early retirement Christmas before last!!

But its certainly a serious thought..moving to the sun!! Very daunting tho and a bit frightening at times!!
Hugs Suz x

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: SUZZY ()
Date: November 24, 2006 02:12PM

Hi Again Steve...right interesting that ...a nordic walker myself walk about 4/6 miles almost every morning unless rain stops play!!! Be no stopping me pout there then!! ha

Really that easy?!!...Did u go with the intention of moving out there or a holiday home? l know l'm going to want to buy before l've look enough!! hehehe......and move out there before we can!!
SOME ONE NEEDS TO TIE ME DOWN NOW!!! Well l'm sure the estate agents will have property to show all over
Hugs Suz x

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: November 24, 2006 02:20PM

Hi again Suz.

Yes, we work out here. We've started our own business, and it's growing nicely. A lot of people move abroad and live as if they're still on holiday. We've done the opposite... we want to get secure and settled before we start blowing too much money lol.

And yes, it is a bit daunting - but when it's something you really want, and are determined... then you can't go wrong. So many of our friends back in the UK said they wished they could do it. We were just at a perfect time in our lives to go ahead. And god, was it absolutely the best thing to do.

We still haven't explored the North of the island yet. Costa Teguise, La Santa & Arrecife is as far as we've got so far. But I've heard it's gorgeous up there too!

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: November 24, 2006 04:03PM

Might want to just calm down Susie!!!

Rather a big move you are making so make sure you know exactly what you are doing and why.

You don't say whether it is a holiday home, whether you want to rent it or to live there.

Estate agents will be trying to bite your arm off - as there are far more properties than buyers at the moment and sales are flat compared to the late 90s boom.

Generally PB is more expensive as it is in my opinion more symaphetically designed having learnt from the mistakes in PDC and Costa Teguise, gets the best weather on the island and has a good mix of holiday makers and permanent expats.

THo if I was looking for somewhere now I'd prob take a gamble in the north near Orzola or Arrieta or maybe near La Santa - just because less developed even tho they have just built a new main road up there.

Re. apratments make sure you check out the maintenance and all that - will you not want to try and save up for a villa which may have better resale value etc if the worst happens. Etc etc!!

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: SUZZY ()
Date: November 24, 2006 08:25PM

Hi All....thanx 4 all the advise all duely sentiments exactly Elle...l'm a security girl myself..hehehe

So Will...have u had any regrets in moving out to Lanzarote then? Any pit falls l need to look for?
And its a holiday home at this moment in time Will, but who knows l might never want to come back to the uk again!!! So l've been told to sell and re-invest in the islands doesn't cause a problem...the sort of property l would have as a fist property on the isalnd would be so different from the property l would buy to live a small holiday property would give me to option to relly get to know the island first...see Will.....l can be sensible,excited but sensible ha!

Angie seems to be some one l need to know!! Will be checking out the whole island before deciding l feel several trips coming on...make sure we find the best place 4 us
Flash...that sounds like a great walk to me!!! Wobbly but wonderful l'm not really a drinker so l think some one would end up carrying me hehehehe!!
Thanx again everyone..just wish it was tomorrow l was on route!!
Hugs Suz x

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: November 30, 2006 11:42PM

Hey Suz... have you packed your case yet?!

Re: Hi all newbie about to buy!!
Posted by: SUZZY ()
Date: December 01, 2006 08:43AM

Thanx Beachboy...early days but yep have done all u suggest..had lots of help and advise from group and from Angie and a couple of estate agents been very helpful

ELLE.....Hehehe almost! Got the tickets and the key to the the garlic and crucifix for the 'U KNOW WOT' swim suit and a wrap..wot more do l need haha!

Wedding this wkend...big hat job love it...Pmacs Neice.
Went to see a clairvoyant on accurate was shocked!! Told me one of my wishes will be mine by l wonder wot that could be? hehehe
Hope u all have a great wkend...silly how could u not!!
Hugs Suz n Pmacs xxx

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