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Posted by: bawbee ()
Date: November 28, 2006 12:43AM

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/29/2006 12:54AM by bawbee.

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Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: November 28, 2006 10:26AM

Hang on!!!

I thought you didn't visit this forum.

And having agreed with me that you are the leader of the KIDS forum - and having prooved it with bells on by showing in no uncertain terms who the football belongs to and stopping anyone you don't like from playing with it!!!

And a bit of constructive criticism - you might want to mention which part of the island your weather report relates to - I imagine Playa Blanca area - weather often be quite different in PDC, north of the island.

PS Bawbee - your "How I was expected to know this was happening before I was informed, I´m not too sure as I don´t visit this forum. To suggest that when it happened, I put posts on other forums simply to say that the forum was hacked is quite bizarre, and the suggestion says more about the naivity and lack of understanding of how forums are run than anything else" comment is looking a bit shall we say economical with the truth.

Well you ackowledged there was a problem over a week before on the discoverlanzarote website. Want to explain that one before I resort to some personal abuse.......?!!!! You might want to get the Ministry of Truth round to do some editing before too many find it.

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Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: November 28, 2006 10:51AM

Well in the interests of fairness, discretion and everyone's integrity I would prefer to give Bawbee the chance to ponder this and maybe he might want to PM me his thoughts.

For a change it would be nicer to not drag dirty washing out in public especially when there is a time delay for people to respond etc.

Anyway this is the all singing all dancing much demanded (?!) weather thread!
Rainy in London!

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Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: November 28, 2006 11:14AM

I wouldn't go quite that far flash - but a line of communication issue yes.

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Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: November 28, 2006 01:57PM

Actually, Seamermate... Alan & I have considered putting a webcam up on our pagola. We're thinking Femes mountains by day, and the Montana Roja for the sunsets. We'll let you know when it's up... but it probably won't be this side of Christmas.

It won't be one of those that you can control at your end though... or our Will might spot the Argos furniture!winking smiley

PS. Update: It's warmed up very slightly... but my cardie is staying firmly on. Mind you, I think that we're just getting acclimatised (sp?)

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Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: November 28, 2006 04:39PM

Never really enjoyed sushi! Don't mind it - just don't get the pleasure - as opposed to the fillet of beef I cooked for 12 on Saturday night! Whole beef fillet about 2 kg from Waitrose. 20 mins on gas mark 7 - was gorgeous!

London - blue skies! Gorgeous autumnal day now! GOing to be a lovely evening.

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Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: November 28, 2006 06:01PM

Mmm I don;t seem to get the same depth of flavour from raw fish than I do from semi raw beef.

Actually may hair is falling out but that is genetic rather than from radioactive poisoning....

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