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Golf developments
Posted by: frobozz ()
Date: December 10, 2006 08:30PM


Anything new about golf developments in Playa Blanca? I have heard for several years that constraction will start any minute, but nothing has happened, has it?

Last time I visited Playa Blanca there were lot's and lot's of new houses which seemed unsold. Is this still so? Any other new developments in the area?

Re: Golf developments
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: December 10, 2006 08:56PM

Hi Frobozz!

I live here in Playa Blanca, and no I'm afraid they still haven't started building the Golf Course. The one up near Puerto del Carmen is still coming along. I would say that Costa Teguise Golf Center would be your best bet for quite some time yet though.

Yes, still a number of empty properties here, but then it's the quiet season now, so maybe it'll pick up in the summer. They are ending planning permission in early 2007 in PB, so maybe that's what so many properties are being thrown together... ready for when they can't.

There are still lots of plans to help Playa Blanca grow, and some of the industrial units are being picked up now. There are plans to improve the Town Centre, and to provide some "green" areas.

Watch this space then, I guess. Manana manana! winking smiley

Re: Golf developments
Posted by: frobozz ()
Date: December 11, 2006 07:38PM

Thanks for the information!

So ending of planning permission means that it will take a while before there will be more major construction I guess. That sounds sensible - it has been lots of new houses but in my opinion the area needs more things (parks et.c) to make it a real town and a better resort.

Do you know which industrial units that has been picked up?


Re: Golf developments
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: December 11, 2006 09:34PM

Hi again Frobozz.

The industrial units that have been picked up are on the main road as you come into Playa Blanca.

And yes, there won't be too much new construction going on. It will also give them time to finish building all the part-built stuff around!

Hasta luego, Elle

Re: Golf developments
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: December 27, 2006 04:14PM

I played at Teguise earlier this year. Sadly it seems a course in decline.

When I first played there about 8 years ago we had to book in advance and they even shoehorned in an extra person into our 2 ball. Was a really nice german bloke but other people may have been pissed off.

When I played there earlier this year absolutely no problem. Few people on the course. Also looking a little rough around the edges and def needs some money spending on it.
Shame really. Great course and love the 18th. One of my favourite holes have ever played.

Re: Golf developments
Posted by: frobozz ()
Date: December 28, 2006 01:20PM

Thanks for the information Borat and Will2. Interesting indeed.

Do you know where I can find a map so I can see which land is included in the ZEPA? I guess that if land is included in ZEPA that means you can't develop anything on that land?

Re: Golf developments
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: January 02, 2007 12:04PM

I dread to think of the cost involved of grassing and keeping the grass alive.

At CT its nearly £60 a head for a round if you have a buggy, hire clubs etc. God knows the premium they will add on for a new course.

Re: Golf developments
Posted by: Lynne ()
Date: January 02, 2007 12:40PM

I've heard the PDC course is owned by the same people as the CT course so there won't be any price war regarding fees, added competition etc.

Don't know how true that is though, just Lanzarote jungle drums.

Re: Golf developments
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: January 02, 2007 12:45PM

Well it looks like they have been cutting off funds for CT to redirect to the new course.

Come off it Lynne - you will bound to be paying a premium to be playing on a sparkly new course - tho they may reduce the cost of the CT course as no longer the exclusive value of only course on the island.

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