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Just back..opinions please..
Posted by: 2 many Lani's ()
Date: May 27, 2007 02:26PM

Just got back on thurs. great hol as usual , nine years on the trot. Just a couple of Q's for yez....Do you spain car hire...mmmmmmmm, Booked a Clio 3 weeks beforehand , arrived at the desk to collect the keys, got chatting to another chap (victim).We hauled our luggage through the car park to where our cars were parked, but some jokers had removed our clios and left a pair of red shoes.......We looked at each other and said the same thing " you get what you pay for"....These Kia Picollo's how small are they, chripes ,i could have put the car in our large case., which ended up on the back seat with the hand luggage.Now i know it was cheap ,but i'm sorry ,we have a clio and we can get both cases into the boot no problem. I think an emai beforehand might have given us the option to upgrade.All that aside it didnt spoil our holiday ,and covered considerable milage without a problem.It seems to me from the cars driving around that there doesnt seem to be many clio sized cars around for that sort of money anymore.Any comments or experiences..?

Any body use James Villas..before ..?
We booked our villa in Feb. I wont say where ,..On arrival we were delighted, big pool ,sleeps 5, but only two of us, got the key from the wall safe beside the door, opened the door (eventually..the locks were dodgy and took several attempts sometimes..a drop of oil would help) and WOW..felt like i'd opened the door of an eight'ies pub..the stench of cigarette smoke hit me like a frying pan full of fag ends....jeez...and the oven temperature inside made it worse..yuk.
O.K open all the windows and doors and let some more heat in..! it was 30 degrees the day we arrived...So, unpack, look around ,find out what t.v. channels we have, "oh my god" what's wrong i say...go into the bedroom to find wifey staring into the wardrobe...There was a sturdy looking safe all nicely fitted to the wall and floor...great..but above the safe was where the "old" safe had been...before it had been yanked from the wall using what looked like several bar type devices.and probably a lot of muscle...O.K. it happens, but the damage should have been repaired , even the cement around the new safe had'nt been painted.On closer inspection , i found several "prise" marks on the windows at the rear of the villa ,which again were never repaired/disguised.I have to be honest, when we went out every night, i was relieved to return to find all o.k.
And what made it worse was that after a week the villas behind us were empty, so leaving every light and the telly on was the norm.
One final moan, the rep said the cleaners come on monday.....and they dont bring loo roll.
What we found..they come when ever they be warned..and they DO bring loo roll

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Re: Just back..opinions please..
Posted by: 2 many Lani's ()
Date: May 27, 2007 08:15PM

To be fair ,the car from DoYouSpain. was fine ,but if you had even one child with you there just wasnt enough room for baggage as we picked up and left back at the airport.As i mentioned above ,i really think James Villas could have sent someone to meet us at the villa when we arrived to see us in and explain the in's and out's a bit better.I was a bit surprised that such a large company cant organise this....i wont be making a complaint as i dont see it as a big deal, but i'd think twice about using them again and i know if they contacted me about it ,i'd probably get a load of you know what from them..

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Re: Just back..opinions please..
Posted by: biffa ()
Date: May 28, 2007 02:30PM

There are 100's of villas all over this island which are rented out to thousands of visitors every week (mainly thursday arrivals) these visitors arriving from several different countries with arrival times from early morning to late at night so to expect companies to greet everyone is perhaps a bit much. To employ the staff to do this would cost a lot of cash which would find its way onto the price of your villa.
No excuse for the safe i'm afraid other than it had just been done and they didn't have time to finish the work. As for the smell of smoke, again no excuse but you can't blame the company for people smoking in the villa and although it was no doupt aired before you arrived, smoke lingers on for ages once its in the fabics of the house. Villa's in my opinion should be designated no smoking areas with fines via credit cards for offenders, the weather here is always good enough to have a fag outside. You could have complained at the time and asked for another villa as at the moment theres only about 30% occupancy and to get another should'nt have been any bother. The 'Heat' well thats what you came for or should have half expected.
As for the car hire, did you complain that the car wasn't what you booked and paid for? You were lucky that the cleaners brought you loo roll as usually they are only provided on arrival as you villa is booked on a self-catering basis which means loo roll as well.

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Re: Just back..opinions please..
Posted by: 2 many Lani's ()
Date: May 28, 2007 04:08PM

thanx for the reply biffa, just to clarify things in case anybody takes my comments personally, firstly we're not the type of people who complain about the slightest thing, unlike some..the car as i said was fine except for the luggage space...and at least THEY had a rep at the airport to meet us ,so no i didnt for the villa , my insecurities didnt warrant a complaint there either, the smell was gone by the next day..My main quibble was the rep ,who didnt seem to know the things that she should..and at the price we paid i expected better..The "heat" (which only referred to inside the villa ) comment i find offensive, we have stayed in PDC for the past 8 years , of course we know what heat is, on the contrary it was the cold that wasnt expected this year !!!
BTW..are you involved in the tourist trade.?

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