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Car Rally
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: September 03, 2007 11:33PM

I posted a similar question a while back but Hubbie is badgering me to have another go. There is lots of footage on U Tube for the Canarian Car Rally and shows clips around Haria, Arrecife and other areas of the Island. He is desperate to find out when it is next year ( or this year ), think he wants a long weekend with the lads now our place is ready.. Can anyone put him out of his misery and let me know when the next Rally takes place on the Island, i'm sure there must be some Motorsport fans out there somewhere. Thanks

Re: Car Rally
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: September 03, 2007 11:54PM

Sorry... I can't help on this one (got my very own Colin McRae - and he terrifies me!)

But try posting on [] Their "Residents Corner" is now open again. And they've used the same forum engine as our Canary Nightlife forum too lol - so it's nice and easy.

Also have a look at [] which is the Gazette's mortal enemy lol... and is probably the closest equivalent.

Another good site (and somewhere I often pop up) is [] It' the busiest site on the island at the moment.

They all get posted on by a lot of residents...and someone is sure to know.

Good luck!

Elle xx

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Re: Car Rally
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: September 04, 2007 05:57PM

Thanks Elle,

At least you have heard of Colin McRae so are on my wavelength, the last time I tried I got a reply recommending the Go Kart Track!! it was nice of the member to bother to reply to me but Hubbie likes the 'Big Boys' toys.

I will look at the sites you have recommende.If i can get him sorted with a lads weekend I get to have a girls weekend as my reward which is all i'm after really.. lol..

Re: Car Rally
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: September 06, 2007 05:33PM

Thanks Mike,

that is useful, from what I have picked up on Internet I think there is one around April and one around Sept/Oct, not very well publicised for what I think is a very popular sport, Hubbie has been all over Europe spectating but never the Canaries. If you see any notices in the future please put a post on as I am on the site a few times a week and now we have a place there a flight at short notice would not be a problem. Don't suppose you can remember any details like who the organisers were, they might have a website we could visit for future event details.


Re: Car Rally
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: September 08, 2007 12:29AM

Thanks, will have a look at these sites. If anyone else has any suggestions these would be appreciated.

Re: Car Rally
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: September 08, 2007 12:53PM

Hi Richard

If we are picking up the right information I have found a few, Rallye de tierra and Rallye de Islas, if you put these into google one of them shows at least 4 previous years with the rally at the end of october, not sure which, hubbie was looking not me, the other has previous years info for around april.. on the october one the dates have previously been the last weekend in oct, unfortunately we are going 14 - 21st so if it is on this october i think we will miss it.. if we see any notices around i will post the information after our trip, if you see any would you do the same.. he also found rallye arico for of the sites he used was its very frustrating because the previous years look great, you can pull of the internet the route and stages but no information for the following year!!

Re: Car Rally
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: October 01, 2007 08:27PM


Just found a site called Solo Deporte lanzarote which is like an online mag, the Rally De Islas is on 27/10 so you should catch it.. If you do come across it and find out any info on the organisers etc would you please post it so that I can contact them and try and get 2008 dates,


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