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Bayerns herve leger sale first kickoff
geschrieben von: hervaf (69.172.231.---)
Datum: 03. September 2014 05:07

Bayerns herve leger sale first kickoff in the first half, 4 minute, Levan frontcourt got Boateng pass, the ball into the box on the right, Mill Road qiangdian shot was ' fought it away from the bottom line. The first 5 minutes, RAM low cross from the right, a foot to push the ball after Levan, but so is ' ground ball to be forfeited. The first 10 minutes, and Bayern's opener, rod in front of the penalty area and Levan played against the wall tie rod right after a run into the area facing the goalkeeper crosses road, Levan qiangdian hit an empty net score easily, 0-1. The first 13 minutes, Kirchhof midfield you plan to eat a shovel turning to yellow after 17 minutes, Holger shoveling sand up front eat Chili with yellow cards.

The first 21 herve leger bandage dress sale minutes, Sascha, 25 meters away is a foot long shot off the post. On 38 minutes, Holger restricted area arc shooting, eat the foul yellow card behind Rhodes, and Schalke to get an excellent free kick opportunities, Akhan shot parried by wall. On 41 minutes, Schalke after long fight back, Neuer rushed to bail out near midfield, the ball falls to the foot of Akhan, which is near the Centre of a speculative, unfortunately, hit the ball. Bayern 1-0 lead away in the first half.

Beginning neither to make personnel adjustments in the second half, Bayern continued to dominate on the field edge. After 53 minutes, Akhan cross from the right flank Drachsler points after leaping header goal, but little power confiscated by Neuer. On 62 minutes, Sam hung right wing free kick into the penalty area, Dante top ball flying toward the goal, Barb out before the alongsuomen line, the ball bounced Benedikt howedes who met after the arm into the goal, referees are not doing fine, 1-1.

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