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Inzaghi cheap herve leger dress Milans first summer
geschrieben von: hervag (69.172.231.---)
Datum: 04. September 2014 11:48

Inzaghi cheap herve leger dress Milan's first summer went through too much top competition torture, intercontinental warm-up matches losing 4 games with 12 goals scored 2 goals, ravaged by the big-name teams, such as Manchester city life. Defeated, however even if the results are unsatisfactory, but yinzhajiyiran insisted his tactical thinking. Willing dialogue of the game at home against Lazio, Milan distributing abate Xueliang on the defensive end, Daniele bonera to guard the flanks, Zapata and partner Alex Zhongwei, Polly, and Nigel de Jong in midfield, and Sulley full debut, while on the offensive end manor was at the forefront, Chaaraoui, Keisuke is a right and left lying in their wake.

And past of herve leger v neck more field warm-up different, this bondage and Lazio of focus war, Red Black regiment of attack speed became faster, Chaaraoui, and Manor and this Tian Guiyou 3 room of cross for bit to other manufacturing has many trouble, and its fast biography received of play also often let blue eagle to prevention, this Tian Guiyou for Milan knock opened victory door of scored, precisely is Inzaghi 433 formation in the attack of perfect reflected.

Palm adult fire staged debut in Serie a at the beginning, you can be your own advocate 433 tactical strengths being used, the media, the fans hailing netizens as Filippo Inzaghi. Calmly sitting on the sidelines before the race, to the lead and all the others passions, to the players and to widen the field of momentum when wild celebration, finally went to lock the victory restored calm and elegant color, as with the player, "Super Pippo" moment every movement, every gesture is enough to let the fans collectively boiling.

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