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Very timberland boots outlet competitive rivals
geschrieben von: timbea (
Datum: 10. September 2014 12:00

Very timberland boots outlet competitive rivals, 4231 or Filippo Inzaghi will become an important choice. Torres is still up front, Chaaraoui, Bonaventura and Polly will be the cover defense and the Forward Runs of tomorrow. Specific to the Division of labour, Chaaraoui will be primarily responsible for the attack, Polly is mainly responsible for key areas of Defense, while Bonaventura will assume the dual function of the road. In this formation, Muntari and Nigel de Jong will assume dual-lumbar, two defensive rigidity in this location will be needed for Inzaghi. There are Buffalo Michael Essien of Chelsea, six months in advance and Chelsea contract, pay cut to join Milan; joining of telabute to rent before you buy, free rent, buyout of 7 million euros. January's 4 new aid and it didn't cost Milan 1 penny.

This summer's cheap timberland womens boots transfer window, Galliani more amazing. Solving m buyout, Milan from 7 million bargain to 4.25 million euros, this player also took out 500,000, or 3 years paid off! Paris Saint-Germain to join Alex, Manor free, better transfer fee is 0 introduction of Diego López – Real Madrid goalkeeper last season, because of complicated political struggle, Lopez became a casualty.

Italian media revealed Real Madrid wants to recover some costs, Milan's condition is that depending on the player's performance and the team's performance, giving real Madrid a few bonus ... ... Torres at Chelsea's annual salary of $ 7 million euros, arrived at Milan cut directly in half, on loan for two years, equal to the transfer fee didn't spend 1 penny. In addition, Milan from Chelsea on loan back to fanjinkeer. In this formation, Inzaghi likely to replace Polly with Manor, which will bring 4231 array is not the same as the change.

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