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SARA animal shelter needs your help
Posted by: Lynne ()
Date: April 19, 2009 01:05PM

You may already know we intend to have a building project on the walls of the patios at Sara. They are too low and the attached fences are now dangerous and badly in need of repair. We want to raise the walls by three courses of blocks for safety and security which will in turn bring some much needed shade for the dogs.

With finances being as they sad smiley we have put this work on the back burner for too long but now it is actually dangerous for the animals so we can't put it off any longer.

We (well Tonymag actually) has been raising some money from a "Sponsor a Block for 1 eur" campaign. We have secured sponsorships for the blocks, sand and cement and we think we have someone who will deliver for the cost of the deisel. More sponsors needed though for paint, steel rods etc.

All we need now is the manpower. We have quite a few people on board, including one or two builders, but we need more.
The proposed dates for the project are :

May 20th/21st - old fencing removal and material delivery
Saturday 23rd - first day of intensive building
Sunday 24th - second day building (may try and put a BBQ on )
All of the following week Mon to Fri
Saturday 30th - third day intensive building
Sunday 31st - hopefully the last day of building (definitely have some form of fiesta)

We will probably need some volunteers to paint and finish off after this date.

I have written the weekends separately as we hope to have some builders volunteering then. (but they will still need labourers)

The job is not complicated and we need willing "labourers" as well as knowledgeable builders/DIY ers. If you can spare us one or more of the above days to build, mix cement, fetch and carry etc please phone 646 838 749.
This is not only for the men ...... girlies, we could do with your help as well. You can help with the painting, brushing up, making the workers teas and coffees, bacon butties etc or the more able bodied can even get stuck in with the building work.

Many thanks to those who have already contacted me but could you let me know which days you could work so I can start some form of rota.

Thank you from the "residents" of SARA Animal Shelter.

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