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kelly from the Big Apple
Posted by: Lee 04 ()
Date: August 21, 2004 12:53PM

What a star! She was blatently the best barmaid on the island. I was their 13th - 19th of aug 04 and had an amazing holiday with my mate. Kellys well fit and a complete looper!
If your on your way over their, go into the BIG APPLE in Puerto Del Carmen to the BACK BAR and get your free shots off slim blonde fit kelly. PS dont stay at apartamentos los zafiros, It was a complete s**t hole with no hot water, no window locks, and the beds were c**p.

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the Big Apple
Posted by: becks ()
Date: September 01, 2004 02:27PM

yea i went the same week as u and i loved it in there. i went 2 many other bars as well ceasers was alrite 2. i stayed in the apartamentos fariones.

where else did u go then

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Re: kelly from the Big Apple
Posted by: chloe ()
Date: September 16, 2004 10:38AM

hey i use to work in ceasers!!

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Re: kelly from the Big Apple
Posted by: Amy ()
Date: September 20, 2004 01:03AM

big apple was so much fun!! (yeah kelly was a complete laugh!) along with Adie, Toby, Ben (aka huffy), milo, pete.....they're such a cool crew!! And we went with them all to ceasers-fab aswel!! Missing it already

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Re: kelly from the Big Apple
Posted by: lisa_tighe26 ()
Date: September 20, 2004 06:05PM

adie is gorgous!!!

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Re: kelly from the Big Apple
Date: September 21, 2004 07:37PM

hey guys n girls from big apple
monkey is bk, seems wierd readin bout people sayin stuff bout u's!
kelly is a legend but fink when i left the island she was movin to palms so......
mielo ill giv u a ring soon
hi chloe

peace out, monkey boy!

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Re: kelly from the Big Apple
Posted by: s3xi_gurl ()
Date: September 28, 2004 08:51PM

monkey is that u!!! its the d gurls wi d annoyin accents that woke u up evry mornin!!! thought u sed u werre txing me, u av msn cocker? neways spk soon or ill bloody ring ya, hehe, lvya Sarah n Becki x x

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