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PDC night life and
Posted by: Neil_20 ()
Date: July 01, 2005 12:52PM

Hey all.

Basically me my bro and 2 of our mates are gonna be hittin PDC for the first 2 weeks in august. Only got it booked today, Was a bit hesitant at first as Im lookin for somewhere really lively, loadsa crazy heads like us and plenty of long eventfull nights winking smiley

So anyone thats been, preferably people 18 - 23ish thats into stayin out all night havin major fun and goin crazy for 2 weeks gimme some insight or info on what the night life is like???

What i love about hols is meetin new people with similar intrests and reasons for bein there ya know, just gettin away from everything for 2 weeks, meetin people and making sure i remember it.

Been to playa del inges in gran, magaluf and santa ponsa in majorca, golden sands in bulgaria before, nowhere too crazy but loved them all. Just great night life and chillin out on the beach or hittin a water park durin the day.

Were all 20 - 24, and all good lookin fellas so i have high hopes of havin a great time ( big head tongue sticking out smiley ) lol

so did i make the right choice in PDC??

Were gonna be there from 1st - 14th august.

Let me know people smiling smiley

Neil, 20.


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Re: PDC night life and
Posted by: Neil_20 ()
Date: July 01, 2005 12:55PM

Shit messed up the topic heading sorry!!!

Was meant to be (PDC night life and info???)

Im sure ya forgive me tongue sticking out smiley

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Re: PDC night life and
Posted by: darlings ()
Date: July 01, 2005 01:49PM

you will love it neil make sure u go to tequila big apple paradise and ceasers!!


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Re: PDC night life and
Posted by: ole ()
Date: July 01, 2005 02:54PM

If you’re in paradise and one of the barmen asks you to help him get something from the storeroom, it’s probably best that you refuse him.

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Re: PDC night life and
Posted by: darlings ()
Date: July 01, 2005 03:07PM

ah u cant refuse to go to the store room with them sexy barmen

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Re: PDC night life and
Posted by: Sarah30 ()
Date: July 01, 2005 04:51PM

PDC is the best - am sure you will have a fab holiday.

Sooo jealous but I am going Dec 22nd so can look 4ward to PDC myself!!

Sarah :-)

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Re: PDC night life and
Posted by: s3xi_gurl ()
Date: July 01, 2005 06:57PM

You will love pdc, i go on 11 the august, so a might just c ya!!
bin goin for past 7 years now, love the place, nightlife is great!!

Hope u guys have a great time xx

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Re: PDC night life and
Date: July 03, 2005 05:41PM

hello neil, im going on the 1st of august until the 14th flying out from belfast where u flying from mite see ya on the plane lol! u'll luv lanarote its really gd i was there in februrary and june also and loved both times so i cant wait to go back again, it's not long now eh? u should hit centro atlantica first about 11.30 then paradise at about 1.30 then cesars at 4.00 then disco ibiza at 6.00 lol it's on until 7 or 7.30 great nite life plenty of girls! lol paradise and cesars are the best! just get into a taxi and ask the driver to take you to any of these places and it shuldbe about 2 euro in a taxi (very cheap)

everything in lanzarote is quite central so all the pubs and clubs are quite close to eachothere. what apartments are you staying at? we're at the Quinate aparments( or something like that).

theres three of us going 18,18 and 19. girls obviously so we'll probably see yoou there!

write bak soon luv paula xxxx

p.s u definatley made the right choice!!

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