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What is the score?
Posted by: Angie ()
Date: October 05, 2005 01:12PM

Hey, what is the score with the forum? This morning I have been called a two faced toe rag,disruptive and aggressive by people who do not know me, I logged on a few weeks ago and saw someone else getting called twat, and a few months ago someone being 'accused' of being gay. Personal insults are a tad unfair I think, unless of course you are speaking face to face with someone who you have a problem with. Hidding behind a user-name to slag someone off seems a but odd to me, but is this the norm on here?

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Re: What is the score?
Posted by: Score settler ()
Date: October 05, 2005 01:25PM

I would say so yes!! It is very much the norm. Lots of people here have lots of names, and that is because there is no seriuos policing on here, nor do you have to register to post.

But if people are decent and are not two faced, by which I mean sweetie sweetie on one forum and nasty on another (to the same set of people), then there is really no problem. You are setting double standards here Angie...

Also if posters can be persuaded to show respect for their fellow human beings then again there is no problem. It is when rudery and abuse show their ugly face that incidents of unpleasantness arise, as evidenced by the maulings that Will gets/hands out on a regular bais here AND over on the Geriatrics forum as someone so quaintly put it...

God, so we have ageism to contend with as well as everything else!!!

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Re: What is the score?
Date: October 05, 2005 06:05PM

To answer the question of the topic, I´d say Angie´s losing 6 - 0! smiling smiley

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