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I bumped into Paradise J
Posted by: Little Dancing A ()
Date: October 07, 2005 05:20AM

Hey everyone,

it's mad is this...i went to a club night in North London 2nite & i saw this guy who i recognised...i couldnt work out where from...didnt say anything just incase i didnt know him.

At the end, saw him & his mates walking along the road so stopped!...wound down the window & was like "i know u from somewhere but cant work out where?"....& he just looked & said, "oh my god...Lanzarote!"

Turned out to be J (if anyone was there last summer (2004) u would remember him from Paradise)

So, i got out of the car & had a chat!

Wat a mad (& small world!)

hope everyone out there is ok

miss u all...everyone planning to go out there, have a fun time, u cant beat the place as ur second home!


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Re: I bumped into Paradise J
Posted by: Paula_99 ()
Date: October 07, 2005 10:53AM

who's J do mean Jason? who worked in paradise? x

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Re: I bumped into Paradise J
Posted by: Little Dancing A ()
Date: October 11, 2005 01:01PM

Hey Monkey, Hey Paula

It was so weird....coz i recognised him but couldnt place him didnt go and say hello, & his friends called him 'Jonathan' u can imagine that that didnt help!! yeah, i got his new no. Lee wasnt with him, apparently he's going over 2 PDC before the end of the year (i think only for a short visit)

i came back, did some teaching work, iv done some promotion work & now i work for a club promotion company ....they organise good parties around the London clubs which is great coz i get to do a couple of hours work & then get plastered!

iv also started a dance group at a local college which we're (Lat & i) r choreographing a piece for a dance show (there r 26 dancers!!eeekk!)...its cool tho, last nite i got offered dance work at reggaeton nights around London which i'l's a bit different from being at Cesars tho!

i still chat to the girlies online or via email, both Mish & Shelley r still out there, i want to go back at New Year...altho thatd b weird seein certain peops.

here's my msn

add me & then we can chat online (im gonna b bored over the next couple of wks coz im having an op on thurs!)

Paula honey, how r things? i met u @ 928 1 nite when u were with Gracey (pr). im little & brunette (like u!)do u have her email ad? iv got her mob. no. but not her email & id love to write 2 her. how's things?

love me xxx

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Re: I bumped into Paradise J
Posted by: Paula_99 ()
Date: October 14, 2005 11:16AM

Hey ali darling howz you? I didn't realise who you were, no sorry luv I ain't got grace's email adress! yeah I remember meeting you in 928 that night!

you heading back out to lanza next summer, im going out there for the summer next year and hopefully working in cesars im emailing the manager now and he's trying to set me up with a job for next summer hopefully see you there too!


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Re: I bumped into Paradise J
Posted by: Little Dancing A ()
Date: October 19, 2005 05:20PM

hey girlies!!

yeah Jen, iv seen Loz quite a bit...she's on the Maz Power website somewhere:


shes just had her hair cut aswell!Rhea came over last wk, so Loz went to see her too. what r u doing now u back?do u see or have contact with any on the Space girlies?

This forum is so weird!...its odd coz all the people that r bitched about tend to be really lovely as friends!but i understand how people can get the wrong impression of them.

Hey Paula honey, not sure if im going back out in the summer. iv got alot of plans for things here at the moment, but if they dont come off: TRUST....i'll be back over there!...i want to go out for New Year, see everyone, have a good (& v pissed) NY eve!get brown etc.
If u ever come to England (London/ South) itd be good to see you. il take you out around London, show you the nightlife. Things are good here at the mo. i was originally planning to move back out there come New Year, but for some of the wrong reasons (i think).
What r u up 2?

my msn ad. is above, so if u have msn, add me & we can chat!

love me xxx

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Re: I bumped into Paradise J
Posted by: Paula_99 ()
Date: October 20, 2005 03:25PM

ali, i would love to go out to lanza at the new year unfortunatley i dont think i will be able to because i was in lanza three times last year and haven't got any holidays left in work.But hopefully i can somehow get over even for a long weekend, ( yes im very desparate lol)

are you from London Ali, I was in London on the 4th of June this year for a wedding but didn't get to go clubbing or anything we were staying in waterloo not too sure wether thats near you or not, I might be over there after christmas for a shopping weekend, it wud be great to meet up with you and go clubbing. im sick of Clubs in Belfast! my two friends are in lanza at the minute they arrived this morning im so jealous! they said the sun is splitting the trees sad smiley

have you got a yahoo address ali? i have msn and yahoo but sometimes my msn doesn't work too well, my addy's are and

well i haven't been up to much, just working away and waiting for the summer to get here so i can go on holiday again hehe. How long did you live in Lanzarote for? I am looking up holidays to go out to lanza in feburary, june and then benidorm in july so im saving hard! howz u then still dancing?

xx love p xx

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