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Meet Mark Brandist - Natural Medium, Lanzarote, Nove 05
Date: October 14, 2005 04:33PM

Meet Mark Brandist - Natural Medium - Lanzarote November 3rd - 8th 2005 - INFO

So what, you may well ask, is a natural “clairaudient” medium ?

“ It's a gift of hearing that is far easier to experience than explain, a type of hearing through your senses” as clairaudient healer Mark Brandist explains. “ I call it my inner voice and once I have an affinity with someone in the spirit world it's just like picking up a telephone ”

Mark is convinced that a near death experience opened up his channel to the spirit world. In 1983 as a young jockey he was involved in a horrific accident in which he was trampled by 13 horses. He broke his back and neck and there was doubt that he would ever walk again. It was during an operation that he had the experience that changed his life and gave him his gift.

“ I actually died on the operating table for almost 3 and a half minutes. I floated out of my body and could see myself, I was absolutely peaceful with no pain. I was clearly given a message that I had passed through, but was sent back as there was much work for me to do ”

Since then Mark's work has taken him all over the world and has included radio and TV interviews ( with interviewers like Michael Palin ) and demonstrations at venues such as the Lewisham Theatre which can seat almost 900 people. A chance meeting with Lanzarote based clairvoyant and psychic counsellor Jan Draper has led to Mark coming to spend a week here on the island in November. He believes that his demonstrations are for everyone, even people who are a little cynical “ I know there are many sceptics out there. That doesn't bother me because a lot of them have come along to see me and gone back with different ideas. I have been to lots of places and they keep asking me back, they wouldn't if they didn't think I was genuine”.

People who meet Mark feel he is a true instrument for the Spirit World and he has been bringing comfort, hope, love, light and laughter through his readings, demonstrations and workshops for almost 25 years. One of his mottos is that love doesn't die and he can share that with other people by demonstrating his God's gift. He is not coming here to try to prove anything to anyone, he is coming to share his experience, knowledge and to provide a communication between our world and the world of Spirit. Mark calls himself a telephone for two worlds to talk and in coming to Lanzarote he invites you to discover more about life and the after-life than you ever thought possible.

19:30 - 21:30 Hotel Occidental Allegro Oasis, Avenida del Mar, Costa Teguise. Price: 20 euros
The demonstration will be held in the main conference room which is one floor down from the reception area. There is a lift in reception for easy access.

The demonstration begins with a short introduction by Jan Draper. Following this is an evening full of love, light and laughter which can be “mind blowing” for people who haven't experienced anything like this before. As Mark comments “ Our loved ones in the Spirit World want us to be happy, to get on with our lives, to enjoy and experience life as much as we want and can “. Not everyone at the demonstration will receive a message from “the other side” but everyone will be energised by Mark's uplifting and positive approach to life.

10:30 - 16:30 Hotel Occidental Allegro Oasis. Price: 65 euros excluding lunch or 80 euros with buffet lunch
The Angel Workshop is being held at the small conference room, one floor down from the reception area ( next to the room where the Evening Demonstration will be taking place ). There is a lift for easy access.

Mark has no set script for the day, he works with the energies available on the day and the energies of that particular group. There will be work in pairs; experimenting with and experiencing healing energies; communication with the Spirit World experiments and Mark will work with aura's, colours and Angel Oracle cards.

All Private readings are now fully booked. A private reading will usually take around 45 minutes. The meeting point is the reception of the Hotel Occidental Allegro Oasis and the reading will take place in a private office at the hotel. Price: 55 euros. It is possible to either tape your reading or write it down.


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