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Thank you!
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: October 23, 2006 05:50PM

Hi all.

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you that have helped in my move to Lanzarote 1 month ago. Yes, time flies eh! So here I go with my "Gwyneth Paltrow" gush.

Extra special thanks go to Angie from MVP, who found us somewhere gorgeous to live.. and has been really supportive as we got settled. Both her, and her husband have put up with our inept pool-handling... and have given us everything we've needed for "Casa Alan & Elle"

We have also received a really warm welcome, and helpful advice from Lynne at S.A.R.A. (Oh, by the way... can I have one of your collection boxes, honey? We'll pick it up next time we're in Tahiche. It's somewhere to put all that loose change and will help a wee bit towards food and medicine for the doggies! Oh, and as we'll be getting plenty of visitors now we're settled - they can leave theirs too. Every little helps).

Of course you lot have been great too. From Will's food recommendations, to Seamermate's quips... and of course the laughs I get from all... every time I log in. Oh, and as for the "Bill & Pam" roundabout thread - which had me running for my "Tenaladies"... well... if you haven't read it yet - then do.

Another person who has been invaluable to us... is Guy from A-Z Paperwork. I don't think he comes into this forum... but he's managed to sort out a load of legal stuff for us, and also Telefonica too! He did a load of extra work for us, and didn't charge us a penny - despite the fact that his time is quite valuable.

We're now proud users of a telephone at home... and have internet access. This has given us a much needed boost - and we've finally got the website up and running. It'll be tweaked a bit over the next few weeks... but it's useable now. Our business cards have arrived - and I also finally have a copy of the design program I use for flyers and logos. We've already started earning on the island... which is faster than I expected.

We bought a Jeep today, so no more car hire fees! Just have to get it insured this week... and we're rolling! And no, we won't be getting a 2 wheeled death trap either... although Alan would still like one eventually. (Yes, he's already got the younger woman... all he needs now are the leather jacket and blonde highlights and his mid-life crisis will be official). I guess that brings me to him really... as he's the person I should thank the most! After all... it was him that brought me to this beautiful island! I'm one very lucky lady!!!

See y'all later!

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