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FW: BEYOND REALITY with Barefoot Doctor
Date: January 15, 2007 02:06PM

Barefoot Doctor will soon be here... If you would like to
examine how you can make miracles happen in the material
realm (healing mind, body, soul, relationships, finances etc)
by the power of intention alone please open the attachment
and call or e-mail us to book your place.

BEYOND REALITY with Barefoot Doctor in Lanzarote – February 9-11th 2007

“Potentially life-changing” - The Times (16.12.06)

Barefoot Doctor AKA Stephen B Russell is a recognised authority on personal development with a specialty in Taoism as it appertains to the modern world. He wrote a weekly column in the Observer for five years and has written 11 books to date, including Handbook For The Urban Warrior, cult bible of the intelligent youth, runs, one of the world’s biggest Taoist-based websites (clocking up an average of 4 million hits a month), is touring the TRAVELLING MEDICINE SHOW in the UK, a live music-based shamanistic style healing event, is currently launching a range of natural body products based on a former (unnatural) range which sold in Boots in the UK, Henry Bendel on Fifth Avenue, NY, Fred Siegel in LA and numerous health clubs and spas throughout the States, and is also in the early stages of making a TV series about happiness with Jamie Catto of One Giant Leap.

After studying aikido and hands-on healing from age 11 with Tio Honsai from Japan, he studied psychotherapy with RD Laing, along with tai chi, Taoism and acupuncture and went on to live in Taos, NM for four years where he studied the shaman’s way. He held a healing practice in London for twenty years, working with people like Madonna, Naomi Campbell, and the Pink Floyd etc.

For those unacquainted with his style of Taoism the Doc explains “It is a philosophy that developed in China before the Buddha or Confucius left their stamp on the culture. So effective is it as a template for successful living that it's survived the transition from East to West, ancient to postmodern, and is now almost the height of fashion (in a philosophical sense) throughout Europe, America and even on our own wee, wild, woolly isles.

It is not a religion, but provides a personal operating system which you install in your body-mind's hard disk by regular practice of psychophysical exercises ranging from t'ai chi and the other internal boxing forms, chi gung, calisthenics, meditation and inner 'alchemy' all the way through to observing the correct feng shui in your home and workplace, clearing your meridians with acupuncture or shiatsu and even how you make love with your partner”
From February 9th – 11th he will be in Lanzarote, the most ‘mystical’ of the Canary Islands, to give the islanders and tourists a taste of his unique form of practical healing, entertainment and commonsense. Given his status, there are far more exotic sounding destinations that he could have chosen for a winter retreat, so what was the lure?

“The island seems to be such a paradox. On the one hand it’s a destination for many thousands of tourists looking for some r&r but it’s the other side that captured my imagination. Volcanism, magnetism, ley lines, dramatic nature and the legend that Atlantis was located somewhere in the area, I’m really looking forward to working with the people and the energy there.

On this tour I will be revealing a new concept that I call BEYOND REALITY – The Keys To Your Super-Nature, which represents the next step in human evolution.

Reality is based entirely on ideas made manifest. Go behind and BEYOND REALITY and you can realise your super-nature. This done, you find yourself able to effect quantum transformational shifts, more usually referred to as miracles (of healing for mind body, soul, relationships, finances etc), in the material realm by the power of intention alone.

The Theatre Show will give a 2-hour taste of my approach to this concept. Following on from this the workshops will delve far deeper and comprise of techniques based on ancient Taoism along with guidelines for maintaining yourself in an optimum state of health and equilibrium in all respects and aspects of life as you undergo and partake of the thrills and spills of the transformative thrust occurring for us all. And not only that, it will be a lot of fun”.

Friday 9th February: BEYOND REALITY with Barefoot Doctor at the Theatre in Tias (Plaza San Antonio, close to the Church-Museum and Gazette office) 20:00-22:00. The theatre will be open from 19:30. Tickets 20€ available from the Gazette Office in Tias, Montana Villas and Pools in Playa Blanca and Kemp Erlandsen in Costa Teguise.Tickets in Fuerteventura are available from the Fuerteventura Gazette office.

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th February: BEYOND REALITY Workshops in El Fondeadero, the old town harbour area of Puerto del Carmen from 10:00 – 16:00. Each workshop costs 120€ - If you book both workshops then your theatre ticket is a gift. Contact KE for booking details.

For more information about Barefoot Doctors BEYOND REALITY Tour to Lanzarote you can contact the organisers Kemp Erlandsen on tel (0034) 928 590 796, email or web-site For accommodation enquiries please visit

The BEYOND REALITY tour is sponsored by the Tourist Board of Puerto del Carmen, the Ayuntamiento of Tias and Dreamplace Hotels.

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Re: FW: BEYOND REALITY with Barefoot Doctor
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: January 15, 2007 05:24PM

"personal operating system which you install in your body-mind's hard disk"

I don't have a usb port or a floppy drive - how am I going to upload this operating system?

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Re: FW: BEYOND REALITY with Barefoot Doctor
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: January 15, 2007 09:48PM

No, lol... I quite like my meridians where they are, thanks. winking smiley

Each to their own though. My best mate's Mum practises reiki and similar stuff. Mind you... she's been practising for years - so why hasn't she got the hang of it yet?

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Re: FW: BEYOND REALITY with Barefoot Doctor
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: January 16, 2007 12:03PM

The transformative thrust bit sounds interesting.........

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