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Posted by: pollyane ()
Date: May 10, 2007 10:04PM

hi im coming to lanz on monday could anyone tell me what water sports they do ? and do they do a boat trips. and where is the best place to find the weather for the week there cheers polly

Re: watersports
Posted by: bawbee ()
Date: May 11, 2007 02:38AM

Don´t take too much notice of these weather sites. They´ve continued to forecast temperatures of 26C/78F for the past couple of days despite temperatures reaching 38C/100F across the island this week. They are forecasting 26 again for tomorrow, I´m forecasting 36, cooling over the weekend. You don´t get a very accurate forecast from someone sitting in front of a computer in the States or in London..........

or in a tin hut on top of Snowdonia for that matter!

Re: watersports
Posted by: bawbee ()
Date: May 11, 2007 11:52AM


Despite what you read above from people 2,000 miles away sitting in front of a computer screen, I can assure you that the temperature has reached around 38C (100F) over the last 3 days generally ACROSS THE WHOLE ISLAND including the resorts, not just inland.

For some evidence of that, take a look at this which are readings taken ON THE COAST.......


Check the figures for the last 3 days which show maximum readings of over 100F. At 10.45am today, the temperature shown is 30.8C and rising fast, already well above the forecast of 26C on the BBC site for today..............


The temperature here in Playa Blanca is 30.2C at this moment, at only 10.45am. My contact in Puerto del Carmen tells me it´s already 31C there.

By this afternoon, the temperature will be around 36/38C across the whole island, so these forecasts are very wrong.

Why do the people above want to argue? Well, they´ve got personal agendas which unfortunately get in the the way of their judgement at times.

Re: watersports
Posted by: bawbee ()
Date: May 13, 2007 02:46AM

Ah Josie, another member of the "I know better than you from 2,000 miles away club".

You don´t really think I´m naive enough to take temperature readings in the sun do you?

Funny how all the people who doubt my weather reports live 2,000 miles away and are on this forum isn´t it? Don´t hear any doubters from the residents who live on the island and have experienced this week´s heat, or from people on other forums. Try not to follow those with personal agendas like sheep, Josie.

Seeing as you´re so knowledgeable on the subject, maybe you can explain how Wunderground report a temperature of 98.8F this week at one of their beach locations..............


Maybe they´re also taking the temperature reading in direct sun rather than in the shade. Better email them and put them right Josie. eye rolling smiley


Re: watersports
Posted by: biffa ()
Date: May 13, 2007 04:37AM

hands up.......i have to give it to bawbee that every report has been spot-on this week ( can't really say about other days/weeks as i don't take much notice) i have given the guy a bit of stick(taken the piss) in the past but in the absence of ACcURATE data from other sources ( and i say this because it has been this week) he has got it right. Theres an awful lot of people willing to give the guy a bit of stick, maybe because of the blatant advertising that goes with most of his posts( on other sites now), but full marks to him for his persistance to give the weather on this site without the plugs.
p.s. Elle we really do need to have a few beers babe its been ages.....hi to Alan
p.s. Alan we really do need to have a few beers bud its been ages......hi to Elle
lol........................maybe Dick will be there???;-)

Re: watersports
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: May 14, 2007 10:17AM

Personally it always seems hotter in Lanza than the "real" temperature off various meteorological sites to me.

However I want to know what change in medications the worthless one is taking currently. Either that or some teenager is using his password!

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