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Power and ukawayfm
Posted by: megan1 ()
Date: July 31, 2007 02:10AM

Have posted before about radio in lanzarote, but what is happening? i know scotty left ukaway to go to powerfm and now works on ukaway again but there is no leroy on powerfm now, no danny looker, no djs on late at night, has someone an idea as to what is going on, as i cant seem to find out where some of my best djs have gone.
I do listen to ukaway most times but there seems to be a four hour period every day when it sounds like hospital radio lol,so i tend to listen to cds after breakfast, have tried holidayfm but i find it so mundane,sorry for sounding like a sad anorak but i dont have sky tv and i love the radio

Thankyou, megan x

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Re: Power and ukawayfm
Posted by: scotty ()
Date: August 01, 2007 02:07PM

Oh the joys of radio, so much i could say megan but i think you should go through the proper channels, both the websites have contact numbers, glad you enjoy my show, and obviously i have lots of dj mates at ukaway and pfm and i know whats going on but its not right for me to give you reasons through this forum.

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