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A Whole Year!
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: September 19, 2007 11:39PM

Okay... decided against the DVD for now... although the wine is poured and going down very well!

Anyhoo... This coming Monday (24th), Alan and I will have been living in Lanzarote for one year. Of course we'll be raising a glass or two with a few friends.

Lots has happened for us - which is great. We've set up in business, made some great new friends, learned a little of a new language, gained whopper tans... and generally improved our lives. Let's see what the next year brings for us eh?

So what has happened for you guys over the last year? And how do you see your lives changing over the twelve months to come?

Elle xx

PS: Will copy and paste (oops) this into our own forum too. It will be interesting to hear different views.

Re: A Whole Year!
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: September 20, 2007 05:26PM


you made the permenant move just as we bought our little 'rung on the ladder', we got the keys middle of september and since then have done the flight at least 6 times. I know, yawning smiley my carbon footprint is HUGE, please nobody nag me, I'm still new to this and don't want to be the cause of a major dispute !!!

I've met so many people since we became regulars and it's great when we are recognised in the bars and restaurants that we use reguarly.. that's why we chose Lanza over the Mainland, to feel part of the community is great.

The only problem we have is that everytime we fly back to UK it gets harder and harder. We originally planned on hitting 50 ( 8 yrs ) selling up and never looking back, now it looks like once my son is out of school ( 2 yrs and counting) and he decides what he wants to do with his life it could be anytime and I can't wait.

Reading all the posts just confirms to me that this is where i want to grow old.

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Re: A Whole Year!
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: September 20, 2007 05:33PM

The Island has that effect on people doesn't it? Alan had been here a number of times, and knew people here already... so it was a natural choice for us. Within a very short space of time... we knew this was home for us! Oddly enough, his pals were in PDC which is whre we first looked at, oh and Puerto Caleo. But as soon as we saw Playa Blanca - and particularly the Marina... our decision was made.

So you'll be celebrating your first year as a Lanzarote Property Owner then S5hez? We'll raise a glass for you too!

My only concern now is what to wear on Monday evening. Decisions decisions! I have a gorgeous strapless black number - but it means wearing strappy heels with it - and my feet much prefer being in flip-flops or mules these days. Ho hum!

Elle xx

Re: A Whole Year!
Posted by: s5hez ()
Date: September 20, 2007 05:47PM

Get some nice toe post with high heels,

I too live in flip flops, nothing but Reef's for the beach, sparkly flats for casual evenings and small heeled ones for a bit more dressed up look. If it's a proper 'make a real effort' night then I have a lovely pair of Diamonte ones with 3 inch heel.. must be the two post that suits me becuase otherwise i'd be flat on my face with anything over 1" heel!!

I can see why you picked PB, I love Papagayo, the reason we picked PDC for now was that after the flight we just want to drop the cases and head for the bar, could not face the taxi ride on top of the flight each time. As a holiday place PDC is great and I love it but when I head there permenantly will be looking for something a bit quieter. Going to have a really good look before we make that decision but at the moment we like Matagorda, Tias, and PB.

For the second part of your question.. the next 12 mths.. at least 7 more trips ( already booked those and i'm sure I will be squeezing in a few long weekends) lots of sunbathing cool smiley ... discovering parts of the Island I last saw over 20 years ago and parts i've never seen.. getting familiar with lots more bars owners..I want the locals rate not the tourists smiling smiley

Re: A Whole Year!
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: September 20, 2007 05:56PM

LMAO Flash!

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