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Best websites
Posted by: annmoo ()
Date: January 22, 2008 02:56PM

Hi all

sitting just wishing i was in Lanz sipping red wine eating prawns in hot oil and relaxing smiling smiley

anyway enough of my dreaming can anyone please recomend best websites for booking either package holidays or flights and accommodation separately - just for usual bog standard med holidays

thank you in advance!


Re: Best websites
Posted by: Will2 ()
Date: January 22, 2008 04:38PM

Well which have you tried already so we can avoid duplication?! is prob best for flights.

Re: Best websites
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: January 22, 2008 05:20PM

Hi Anne love - how are you?

Yes, as Will said... skyscanner is really good... and you can view the whole month which means you can move your days around a bit.

Haven't tried travelsupermarket Flash - but knowing what a bargain weasel you and Mrs Flash are - then we'll give that a look next time too.

For good last minute deals on accomodation try the following: (might be .com instead though)

Good luck - and let us know what you choose eventually. you know how nosey some of us are! winking smiley

Elle xx

Re: Best websites
Posted by: annmoo ()
Date: January 22, 2008 06:32PM

if maggots were eating your eyes what would you watch them with??

someone was asking me the best website question and i realised that i only know how to get to lanzarote (lol) so i wondered if there were any other websites out there smiling smiley

hi elle how's my job prospects - still looking good?! if you want to know how i spend my time now have a look at; that's my local paper and i'm the ad manager there!

love Anne

Re: Best websites
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: January 22, 2008 08:44PM

LMAO Flash - I apologise completely... yes, Mrs Flash is the true bargain weasel! As a bargain weasel myself, I always like to pick up other people's weasel snaps! (Say hi to her from me by the way... and see you both in march)

Anne... the offer stands - come see us when you finally get a grip and make that plunge! Had a look at the website. Because I'm an odd one (I thought I'd say it before somebody feels the need to make up a fake membership and post it themselves) I went straight to the Obituary section (God, I HAVE turned into my mother!!!), and I'm very happy to see that no one has died in your neck of the woods recently! Oops... spoke too soon, it was in the "Family Notices" section.

Loved this page though: [] How cool is that? A bit like "A pushbike was stolen from the Deiland... and half a lager disappeared from a beach bar in El Golfo". Love it!

Elle xx

Re: Best websites
Posted by: annmoo ()
Date: January 23, 2008 01:07AM

>>Jeez, a slow news day in Fermanagh or what!!
>>Good news Anne, if you can sell ad space
in the Fermanagh Herald I reckon you could sell anything!!

oh god have i been living in the country too long?? is missing beer not a big news story lol; i'll have you know we have tescos in fermangh and the next big news M&S is coming in August (not just for a visit you undersatnd but forever! deep joy)

yes elle i must get a grip just need to sort the teenage son out, he keeps on about university but i'm sure going straight into gainful employment and finding his own place to live would be much better for him - character building i think

Re: Best websites
Posted by: annmoo ()
Date: January 23, 2008 01:09AM

flash when you say watching from the inside do you like a mental picture.....???? (i'm not suggesting any sort of madness is involved here)

Re: Best websites
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: January 24, 2008 12:20AM

Lol @ CG and Madstock! grinning smiley

I wouldn't have enjoyed it either - not my thing at all! I'd much rather watch some violent movie or sport... like CG kicking Madstock from one end of the UK to the other. Mua ha ha ha!

Elle xx

Re: Best websites
Posted by: Elle1971 ()
Date: January 25, 2008 06:27PM

Sorry to hear your news Stuart.

We saw the opoosite with flights a few months back though. Alan was talking to his eldest online... and they were both doing the same search online, on skyscanner. The one here was showing certain flights available for Christmas.... but in the UK it said there weren't any flights on that day (or was it the opposite way round, Alan?).

Elle xx

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